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  • Rog phone 5 only goes out of 100% after battery 1 is discharged

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    To date, on six continents, you can find the 65w charger, the usb-c - usb-c cable, the aero fan and the Kunai 3

    No date, no information for new accessories, no availability for only compatible accessories like the professional dock.

    it is the interstellar void

  • armoury crate app crashes randomly and phone restarts...after deleting cache it works again but crashes again later on.. I think it is already reported

  • Can anyone tell me why "Dynamic mode" seems really glitchy?

    Scrolling is stuttering on the web, there's a delay with fingerprint scan and facial scan, sometimes the screen has terrible responsiveness, etc.

    I finally just decided not to even USE it, and only use Xmode, advanced mode, or ultra durable mode.

    Please someone fix dynamic mode.

    It's BROKEN.

  • My device isn't connecting to wifi and hotspot isn't working after the update of 18.0840.2107.151

    Can anyone please suggest me what should I do right now!

  • Anyone has the issue where by the bottom bar animation hangs upon pressing. The "back" and the "app" button have the button highlighted hanged there upon pressing.

  • Dynamic mode seems to be the issue for me. I am using xmode now and it seems to work a little better maybe.

  • Literally hundreds of costumers are facing this issue. I have escalated this matter twice and also visited service centers. They will keep their mouth mum about this issue and will suggest you to get motherboard replaced on your brand new asus rog phone 5. Get in line buddy.. There are people facing this issue from past 2 months. I am one of them 😂

  • @i.liftking me to brother facing this issue from 1 1/2 month they are not giving any official statements it's a hardware issue or software issue

  • Да, есть такой эффект. Они меняю при нажатии размер, иногда большой овал, иногда полоска.

  • since day 1, I was facing lots of issues with my phone but finally, it's day-71 & my phone is totally "DEAD" Special thanks to Asus India & Global as well for creating such a shit device.

    I have not expected such a type of service from Asus.

    The only solution of every device is that..."U need to change ur device(Asus ROG5) Motherboard"

  • My Rog 5 phone is not able to detect any kind of earphones or headphones even I tried it to connect through 3.55mm jack and also through the given 2 USB type-c port. Do anyone is having the same trouble or anyone of you know the solution to it. Please help.

  • As far as the threads go...

    Asus moderators, are you there? Why has the ROG 5 threads gone into disrepair and spam? I see nothing but repeated comments open on the discussion forum. As far as housekeeping and data reduction this is unacceptable as a way to keep clear lines of open communication to solve consumer problems or to satisfy any questions with a quick resolution. I am hoping in the near future this is remedied, to keep the Asus and ROG brand the best in the world...lead by example, do not let everyone underestimate or overwhelm the forums.

    Thank You Sincerely

  • moderators need to work on their attitude to start with...i have never seen any reply that acknowledges a reported issue let alone fixing it

  • To all of you talking about motherboard replacement WATCH OUT!!

    They are replacing your motherboard with refurbished - reconditioned - USED ones so ask them to put new mobos. By replacing the motherboard they are also CHANGING THE IMEI so if you have plans for reselling it know that if i was a buyer I wouldn't buy it with a different IMEI from what is written on the box.

    Also if 15 DAYS haven't passed from day of purchase you might be eligible for device replacement NO QUESTION ASKED. (at least thats how it is in Europe)

    Dont make these suckers in Asus any favors and ask what is your right as a buyer to ask.

    Mine had problem from start with microphone, spoke with support after 15 days and they replaced my mobo with a used one and problem is still there. I'm talking with shop I bought it from to get my money back the next few days.


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