Thermal Limit setting in Armoury Crate

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There's this setting in ROG 5 Ultimate's Armoury Crate that I can't really comprehend. It's the "Thermal Limit"

So there's "Low", "Medium" and "High".

Does "Low" means there's a low limitation to the thermal accumulation, which allow the device to heat up. Or does "Low" means it has a low threshold, which prevent the thermal to accumulate?

What I noticed is, if I set it to low, there will be a lower system performance according to the radar chart, and vice versa.

But regardless of what option I have choosen, my phone can heat up like a hand warmer.

Hence, I'm wondering.

Thanks in advance!

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    That's to set your limit before your phone throttling

    For example if you set it low it will throttle at 45c but if you set it high it won't throttle at 45c


  • The point of Thermal limit is to control how warm the device is allowed to get before the system starts to throttle performance.

  • Oh, okay. Thanks alot for the information.

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