Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • Is it ever going to be fixed..... please fix this...never gonna buy Asus products if it continues like this

  • Let me correct you my friend.. These are not rumours. As for Indian users, a youtube channel Called "PTG unbox" has investigate the issue with asus and found out that there were 400 units that were affected due to the update. You can see his QnA video for the same.

    It's very easy to run away from taking ownership and deny all the issues genuine customers are facing.

    As far as I am updated about it, For now, they are only offering motherboard replacements and have not confirmed when the next update is expected, or even if it would be fixed in that update.

  • They don't even know how to fix it except all of you change it to rog 5s 🤣

  • Seriously a month guys, wtf are the mfkin devs upto , let's just case to the consumer court and get a refund or something xD

  • They just don't fkin care, they're releasing their laptops on the other hand , 0% support and the mfkin mod responds in other channels excluding this so crap

  • Talking about the .86 update I faced many bugs in that too such as YouTube music, reels would crash whenever a second sound plays on, but they fixed it in the next update I'm super thankful for that and now they gave away the wifi issue maybe they fixing it just like dat, fingers crossed the second sound problem wasn't a big issue and no-one covered the topic

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    @Gustav_ASUS So finally after one and a half month you come out of sleep and provided no useful information at all. Do you know the status of Asus Service Centers in India, it is full of unskilled peoples who don't know even basic troubleshooting like flashing the software and apart from that no equipment for hardware repair. Couple of users already confirmed that after replacing the motherboard and updating to new software update causing wifi issue again, go and check twitter and youtube. Why you guys don't accept that you sold manufacturing defective units to users and at least offer refunds/replacements but lol in this way you have to replace all ROG 5 units sold till date. This kind of response from mods in community portal, service center, customer care, regional head and even your MD Dinesh Sharma will surely lose all existing and future customers but I guess you guys are ok with it. Moreover your regional head Chetan Raut given me legal threat so I have already logged cases in consumer forum and district consumer court. I would appeal everyone to log cases against Asus so consumer court will know about this scam of defective devices from Asus and will force million dollars recovery to get back our refund.

  • I asked you to check your personal messages on the forum,so we can make a cse together,but you didnt reply.

  • Just now I had a talk with customer care, they confirmed that it's a software issue

  • Hi @Vegirot , what have they said? Is they are going to fix it with OTA update or we have to replace motherboards?

  • @Nilesh9797 they just told it's a software issue and not a hardware one, and thus it will be fixed soon

  • So this issue is not only isolated yo rog 5 but also to xaomi mi11?

  • I did wnt to servie center the other day, downgraded the software to .86, stilk the issue is the same

  • This is getting on our nerves now, if basic function won't work, what can we expect from a premium phone !!

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    To add salt to injury.


    is this legit?

  • Bruv the issue started from the .86 patch so it's useless downgrading

  • Not sure if this is legit or not, but I am not going for this for sure, maybe Rog 9 🤷, that too after analysing user reviews properly

  • yesterday , i had the honour of holding my phone after motherboard replacement after 25 days , guess what guys,it was short lived ,the phone had a dent at the bottom and there was adhesive seeping out of all the borders of the screen n even in the microphone pit there was visible adhesive , the whole phone was so dirty as if it was being used by a ragpicker,i submitted my phone in brand new condition so i refused to accept it ,now again they have kept the phone. 

    this phone is not dust resistant , m sure there was tons of dust inside too ,as it was so dirty from the outside.

    today i was informed rather i called multiple times to find out that they ll b mow replacing the screen cuz the side body comes with the screen,so they ll somehow remove the scratches n then give me the phone.

    i read the terms n conditions of asus warranty - basically they can put in used or reburbished parts , they are only liable to repair the phone which they are doing.

    its another 10-12 days for me now.

    so approximately a total of 45 days to repair the phone cuz of their own faulty motherboards.

    my advice : there is no workaround other than motherboard replacement,stop fooling yourselfs n stop waiting , get it replaced , if they could have done it with a software update they would have by now,replacing the motherboard costs them, they wouldnt bear these costs if they could solve this with aa software update and then just sell the phone at the earliest,cut your looses,i know i am never gona buy asus again.

    i ll imagine my 50k got stolen from me, thats it.

    i ll buy the iphone 13, should have gone with iphone only,idk why i bought this piece of shit.

    they repair the phone in time with no extra damage to the phone.although iphones dont require repair ,i am talking abt the screen change cuz of the phone falling and all.

    its their loss cuz i was thinking of buying the rog laptop too,n then rog 6 also, but after going to the service center many times , i see those expensive gaming laptops lying there for key replacements n whatnot and also coming for repeated repair n annoyed customers.

    and guys dont go by why what PTG guy says on youtube, he himself doesnt have a working wifi and he ihas many phones, he can wait ,it doesnt matter to him much.earlier he was confident that it ll be solved by a software n now gradually he is saying motherboard replacement has to be done.

    its a stupid phone designed by a company who has the worst after sales service., thats why they dont have a big market.

    feeling so good for going with rog 5.just awesome

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