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  • More than half of Asus service centers in India are useless. I visited one of their service center in major city, there they don't have a single equipment for hardware repair. They told me that they can only flash software and for any hardware check repair I have to visit another service center which is 50 km away and there also no guarantee to get it fixed.

  • Uhh guys it's really a big problem to me as I've to grind everytime and this fkin wifi issue doesn't let me grind, shockingly enough this issue started after some days of updating to .151 and it doesn't turn on wifi/hotspot , tried every possible thing except service centers as they'll fk my device up, I request asus to roll out an update asap x_x

  • Even I'm unable to turn on my wifi @CH_ASUS .if this is the way u postponed things and don't slove the issue definitely ull lose valuable customers which ull never get again

  • Yes, I am from India, Assam today just now I got a call from the service center for the first time they told me that the motherboard has been replaced but there is an error pooping in the phone about some serial number so they mailed the Asus team now they are waiting for the reply after 33 days still have to wait more. Tired of this now.

  • As already noted the service center hired in the indian regions are nothing short of an absolute disaster

  • I don't think they will fix in upcoming update when need to change our motherboards for sure. I don't really like to change my new device motherboard. Please try to give software update fast🥺

  • Important update for all users in this thread:

    I'm seeing rumors that "some users" who had their motherboards replaced by service are encountering Wi-Fi issues again.

    So far we have had zero reports of this and I can't find a single post here on Zentalk claiming repeat issues.

    Please do not spread any misinformation (intentionally or otherwise) regarding repeat issues, as it makes our work much harder.

    If you:

    1. Have been to service for Wi-Fi issues.
    2. Have gotten your motherboard replaced at the service center.
    3. You are running into Wi-Fi issues again after getting your device back.

    Then please mention my name in a new post or thread.

  • Can you guys please roll out an update asap to fix this wifi issue?

  • @Gustav_ASUS please rollout the update ASAP. I really don't want to change my motherboards.

  • @Gustav_ asus you guys need to recall these devices and send new ones else it will a legal action against Asus. As you guys have sold faulty handsets and not even have the decency to admit it. Fix this asap a normal international brand will do that as soon as it finds such issues it's a shame that asus is just ignoring all the requests from so many users and just trying to cover up a goof up on your end. Not cool

  • And to top it off your service centers can't solve the issue.

  • So this basicially confirms we got the same scenario as the Mi 11 ultra where there are bad batches where the wifi will commit sudoku.

    At least that means that after a replacement it shouldnt happen again. Guess TSMC had a bad workday

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    nevermind , i just erased everything ,tired of this now.

  • By the time they are done with my device, they probably will have had my phone for longer time than i have had.

  • @SujitMaximum @freakingrocky No, I haven't updated my phone to the new firmware update. I won't dare to. I've had enough troubles already to have my phone replaced and there is no use going to the service center, they can't help. And I can't give away my phone to them for a month to have the motherboard replaced. Don't want to get my phone opened. I have read many posts where they have claimed that the new update doesnt have a fix for this wifi issue, so I haven't updated it. Hope this answers your question.

  • @SujitMaximum @freakingrocky Also, the mods on this forum, the ASUS customer service and the service center are of no use. They are a bunch of shameless fools giving lame excuses and inturn blaming the suffering customers of spreading rumours instead of finding a fix. I've patiently read all the comments on this post, I personally feel that it is the most DUMBEST resolution to have the MOTHERBOARD REPLACED for a bug caused due to a SOFTWARE UPDATE. I mean I really don't understand how the software issue affects the hardware of the phone.. like they are 2 different worlds.. SERIOUSLY, ISN'T THIS LAME?

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    @Optimus Yes, I got my phone replaced from flipkart in July, after almost 2 frustrating weeks of useless email and call miscommunications from ASUS. I received only 1 reply for every mail that I sent to ASUS that they have ESCALATED THE ISSUE and someone will get back, and the person who got back would ask the whole story once again to only tell me that THEY HAVE ESCALATED THE ISSUE and someone will get back with a follow up email stating the same. I was lucky enough to have my phone replaced from flipkart as I was the first one to face and report this issue in the beginning of July. Now they aren't accepting any returns or offering any replacements because almost every user who purchased this piece of shit is facing the same issue.

  • @Kapernaum There is no fix. It won't fix. If you wish, you can follow what other users did- have the motherboard replaced.

  • @krnapj - that's the reason I didn't take my phone to a service center. They'll just have you run around and make you wait for an indefinite time. Plus, there is no service center in my town- so it is a nightmare for me. I really hope you get your phone soon :)

  • My unasked opinion and advice to all the users(sufferers) who have already got their motherboards replaced or are going to- once you have your repaired phone in yoir hand, sell it and go for Reliable brands like Oneplus, who have great customer support and accesible service centers.. and tech teams to address and produce personalized resolutions to your phone's specific issues if they ever occur.

    P.S. I am also using a Oneplus 7 Pro since 2019- never had a complaint with any of it's features or performance- only had 1 small camera related issue recently- they had it fixed online within an hour, without having me visit their service center or without having my motherboard replaced lol 😂

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