Asus mobile manager memory cleaner stop to uninstall??

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My memory cleaner under asus's mobile manager stop working all of a sudden. It used to clean memory for me by showing me a list and clean them out one by one. Now that is gone. Anyone knows how to uninstall it? since a fresh reinstall might solve the issue? I can redownload it fr Google play. Thanks


  • You can't do that

    You only can disable it

    Maybe if you adb you can do it

  • How to disable it?

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Before disabling, try going to Settings - Apps - See all apps - on the top right corner, there are 3 dots, press on the 3 dots and the press on show system apps. Now in the list, press on Mobile Manager.

    If you try and press on Storage and Cache, perform Clear Storage and Clear Cache and see whether it works again.

    If disable is not greyed out, then you can disable, otherwise you cannot disable.

    The last resort is to factory reset so you can have Mobile Manager working again.

    You won't be able to download or sideload Mobile Manager too.

  • Tried that. Doesn't work and I hate to factory reset just for that. So I think I will just wait for a new update to come out and see if it will start to work again. Thanks.

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