Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • Can you guys confirm this are only ppl of india facing this problem?

  • Yes most people who face this issue are from India.

  • Please fix this ASAP. Without wifi and hotspot, this device is useless. It is almost a month but Asus unable to fix this atleast should have rollback this update.

  • @Nilesh9797 brother mods are saying to replace motherboards they did not find any solution for giving us software update

  • From here too althought this not happen to me but my friends

  • @venkatrockstar7090 If they need to replace mother board than please provide supply of mother boards to service centres because people are complaining that they are asking around one month time to repair. It shouldn't be more than 10 days.

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    I am from Udaipur, india. I have tried to contact nearest service center but no one is picking my call. Service center is 100km away from my home. This should not be like this. We have paid 50k and we are getting service like this.

  • I dont know how asus is still not working on the bug which is so common among rog 5 devices. Its a gaming phone and if one cant use wifi and hotspot what is the point of having a gaming phone. Really disappointed with asus updates and software. I had an rog 2 earlier now m using rog 5. But looking at the asus technical support this may be my last asus device

  • I am facing the wifi and battery backup issue since 28-07-2021 it took me 7 days to just find the correct service center they don't give any response when you call them. After finally submitting the phone they told me to call after 10 days now it's been a month they are not picking up my call if I call from a different number they say they will inform me in 10min and then block that number also. When I call Asus Care they are telling me there is no service shown on your serial number content the service center. I am without a phone for 1 month after spending 50k on a phone. Asus has the worst service for phones. I was also facing the battery backup issue I used to get only 6:30h of screen on time in ultra-durable mode at 60hz without any gaming.

  • This honestly sounds like you have been scammed of your phone. Do you live in India by any chance?

  • Even I'm facing issue that wifi toggle is not starting from yesterday. My phone restarted automatically and after that wifi is not switching on. Now a days phones are kind of useless without wifi. Asus Team, please fix this ASAP.

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    @rahulkumar1935 could you please share your current version and purchase date?

  • Few days after the update in my ROG 5 (8/128)

    version no. 18.0840.2107.151

    Phone automatically switched off and after I switched it on, my wifi and hotspot was not working.

    This kind of issue affects the most basic function this device is made for i.e. GAMING !!!!

    Having this kind of issue with a new gaming flagship device is totally unacceptable.

    Fix is needed for this issue ASAP

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    @Vegirot for immediate fix asus mods said me to replace the motherboards from nearest service center they are taking more than 20days for the fix may be month also. I'm facing this issue from the month.asus is not giving any official update weather it is software issue or hardware so we can replace our motherboards if it is hardware issue

  • This is a very fantastic way to lose loyal customers.

    For changing motherboard they need to to open my phone and these all for a temporary fix, I can't digest this solution given by ASUS

    And for changing motherboard, we need to give our phone for 20+ days !!! I don't think they will provide a temporary handset for that much time to cover our needs.

    Considering asus being such a global brand, I was not expecting this.

  • @Vegirot I hope they will fix in the upcoming update. If they did not fix onlynoption is to replace our motherboards I'll sell this phone I go with iphone that's far better than rog 6

  • @venkatrockstar7090 they already took much time to give a fix for this issue, from a month people are facing this one.

    I wish update comes soon

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