A Big regret !!!

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With stable android update to android 11 my device just died while in updating process. Took my phone to Asus service centre in my city and submitted there on Aug 2, than i called them back after 4 days where they said the parts are ordered for my device i.e motherboard as through their tests done by the engineer they said it was due to some power failure issue. i waited and than i called them back on 13th August to know my status and then after asking a lot they said we are not able to search your device in our Asus system with your IMEI than i asked have you tried with the serial number than she said no sir we are new hence we do not know all the process, with this she asked my serial number than said yes now your device is showing. So, this is how Asus service centre personels has wasted 11 days of mine because they dont know the process !!. Now after again few days i called them back and now i waited like 10 days again as the motherboard hasnt received by the service centre yet. As on 25th they received the part but they didnt worked on my device on 25th as acc to them the part arrived late, than on 26th i called them at 10:10 am sharp and now a different person received my called as i asked my device status he told me sir this is not the time to call, (LMAO, seriously i called them in their office hours as seen in their google map store details) but nevermind i called them again at 11 am and now all their mobile phones has been switched off till 2 pm after that they told me sir tody not possible as the engineer has went to diff location to fix a laptop. Now on 27th Aug i called them back now they said everything is working but we are not able to write your serial no. on this new motherboard, and hence we mailed Asus regarding this to know the process after 2 days Asus might have replied them and they said eveything is fine now but now we are facing issue with your device headphone tests, with this they asked me what headphone i use and after that i called them again on 30th Aug, now they said the problem hasnt fixed yet and we will call you back once everything is done( which they never do) than again i called them on Sep 1 now they said they now are facing some fingerprint related issue and now the display needs calibration for which they dont have any tools, In this regard we have mailed Asus and now will see what they say !!!


Asus India is absolute pathetic, though i have no idea how Asus service is in other parts of the world. Please help me on this

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  • As mentioned in a lot of topics already, the service centers are hired 3rd party centers. This means they are not owned or run by ASUS but hired by ASUS. The problem with this method is that there is no quality control or standards that ASUS can control. The service centers in india have been reportedly been extremely awful, slow and frustrating to work with as far as the most topics goes here on the zentalk forums, I did read a mention of a user talking about how ASUS has dropped more and more service centers in the indian region, I assume they plan on some sort of rebuild as the reports of the current service centers have been quite negative.

    I'm not sure how much a mod on these forums can help you out, at this point it's simply the service center you're visiting being awful.

  • True the mod cannot help but atleast they can have this message passed to their colleagues or ones they know in Asus India, because it clearly seems like a lack of responsibility, if they not gonna take the responsibility than who would ? I have purchased Rog 3 for 58,000 INR and for some this amount equates to 3 months of salary.

    Just by putting "PREMIUM PHONE TAG" doesn't make it a premium phone you atleast have better aftersale services too, you first completely avoid any posts related to "BLACK CRUSH" issue like even if you can you won't work on it as Rog 5 is your priority now and with Rog 5s release Rog 5 will be a history too I guess.

    Taking several things into consideration I feel like selling this device at 35,000 INR and settle for some device like from Xiaomi well atleast their services doesn't suck as much Asus do.

    And fun part is Asus isn't even a entry level brand in India, they were here from many years and still the services are horrendous.

  • @RAIDEN™ I'm sorry to hear about that. Please check your inbox for a PM from me with some follow-up questions.

  • I understand your frustration. Going through a similar experience right now. Let me know if you need some help via PM. I have some contacts. Maybe that can help.

  • You are a very patient man I would have done something extreme at the service centre ( so called) . As I can't use the language I am feeling after reading your story I will leave,, extreme,, up to your imagination.

    Good luck brother

  • I bought the phone about 6 months ago .went to check my warranty and it ran out the day before I received the sealed phone in the mail.sent them a copy of the invoice .just a waist of time .still telling me there is no warranty on it regardless that it came with a 3 year warranty ,and I registered it the same day I received it .now I'm stuck with a phone with the active cooler that doesn't work .

  • Please delete the photo and upload with hiding your serial number , people can misuse it

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  • Update - the service centre called me and told me to take the device and they will call me back as soon as the display calibration tool arrives at the service centre, as my warranty is over I don't think they will accept my device after I resubmit my device, they most probably will charge me for that.

    So now I guess I have to wait another month until the equipment arrives. :(

  • @Gustav_ASUS can you atleast help me in speeding up for the delivery of the took which the service centre requested to Asus for display calibration

  • I hate to break it to you but what the support said is 100% true, tencent phones do not have warranty. Only Global ASUS phones have warranty. The 3 year warranty isn't from ASUS but the company you bought it from, which is probably flipkart or the like.

  • Yeah ok, they are 100% bsing you right now. There is no such thing as a display calibration tool they can use for anything useful during any type of repair. They are dragging out time for unknown reasons.

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