Keep Media playback when switching camera to video

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Is it possible to keep Media playback when switching camera to video?

Sometimes I have music playing on my headphones and I want to record a short video, but it stops the audio playback as soon as I switch the camera to video mode. Is there a way to turn this behaviour off?

When using Gcam it doesn't pause the audio automatically, for example. It would be nice if there was some checkbox in the options somewhere that I didn't see



  • YES!!! I would love for this to be an option in the settings. Sometimes I want to record a video with music playing in the back ground but it just stops which sucks. Please make this an option Asus!!

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    @Elmir There's no setting to change this behavior. AFAIK, the only way to change it would be using ADB commands. Of course you can also refer to other camera apps like Google Camera that function differently.

    @off2fly115 Simplest solution would be to start the recording and then resume playback from the quick settings menu / sticky notification. You can then trim the first couple of second from the final video.

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    @Gustav_ASUS thanks for the reply. Could you share the adb commands with us please?

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    @Elmir I should clarify that it was not meant to be taken as a recommendation in any way, just a bit of speculation on my part.

  • I know that would be a simple solution but, it would be nice to have it made into an option in the settings as well :)

  • Yeah I really don't see why not include it in the camera app settings, as this can be worked around if really needed (play music again after starting video, use a different camera app etc), but why not add it to one of the Zen UI goodies (unless it is a pain to implement because of android restrictions)

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