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  • the AOD brightness on ROG 5 is too low ...I believe it's a known issue...I purchased this device two days ago.....can anyone commnet if this issue is being worked upon??

  • It is true. The ebrightness is low compared to rog 3

  • Is anyone facing Proximity sensor issue that it is always on?

  • ASUS this is some of my idea for your next update to ROG phone 5:

    1. Do someting about heat for this phone. Maybe you can add balance mode like xiaomi mi mix 4 to reduce heat from this phone. This phone is very hot even for daily use. It's not comfortable at hands
    2. Add virtual RAM feature. Some high end devices have this feature and I think it's good if you can implement this on rog too. Even if the virtual not as fast as real RAM
    3. Fix bug where phone will randomly crash and we must force restart it
    4. Fix bug where phone will randomly automatically turn off
    5. Add option to allow us to use RGB when we open camera like previous update. If you think RGB affect photo quality then allow us to choose if we need that better photo quality or need RGB when use camera
  • 2.this is the worst thing that could happen, the idea at the start was to compensate for the lack of ram on the 2-4gb game entry teles to contain low prices, now it is used as a marketing performance argument by stupid builders on high-end devices. Then buy an Xaomi Mi xx or another brand that already has it if you want it.

    The effects of this on the course term. (on high-end devices)

    1-A user who uses 8-12 GB and + is anything but normal and the excess swap will only delay the crash due to full ram, it will not solve the problem of abnormal use as xx tabs in a browser or a buggy application.

    2-manufacturers will do less and less optimization

    3-developers too (and this is already the case)

    Currently there is a competing system whose very high-end and very expensive devices with only 4gb of ram work as well if not better than sn888 + android devices with 12g and +

    - it is impossible to achieve such a result in the market for android devices but there is still a lot to do.

    Finally, you have on the Rog5 the possibility to enable zRAM, the 888 should still be powerful enough to compress / decompress the ram. but hey, in your case, like the virtual ram, I think it's going back to better jump, besides that your specific problem is not 100% identified on the ram

  • What is the latest System Update about (The one that happened yesterday). Why does it restart the phone whenever I launch the Armoury Crate app? Is there anyone else also facing this issue?

  • No, no bug when launching Armory Crate

  • For me it seems to crash and restart the phone each time I launch Armory Crate, this is happening after the latest System update, as it was working fine the night before that. Even restoring to factory defaults didn't help. Seems only options for me is to either live with this 😅 or visit the service center

  • In My rog phone 5 , wifi stopped working after restart ... In Hotspot is also showing error...

    Now not able to turn on wifi 😔

  • WiFi and Hotspot have stopped working after the messy update. Any pointer when is this likely to get fixed?

  • O think this is no a hardwarr for more people, like me seems to experience this after .86 and latter updates. Mine, experience after .151 update. No wifi connection

  • Do you recommend that I should visit the service center or wait for the next update and see if it gets fixed? Anyways, I am able to play the games without launching Armory Crate

  • If your problem is the armory crate bro. Better wait for the update. But for wifi not working, which ever would be convenient with you..

    If only I had a near service center which would take only an hour ride, and would be able to get my phone with in a week, I would have gone already. Unfortunately. It will took me about 2 hours for me to go there which is quite tiring. And after giving my phone to them, I have to wait a month, To get it fix. Based on my rog 3 experience. So I opt to wait for the update. If there is no update after 15 days. I'll weigh things.. this long wait from the service center made me buy the rog 5. In hope of giving me a peace of mind think that what flaws they have on 3 would be fixed with 5. That I was wrong.

  • Try to fix the wifi and hotspot issue asap

  • I want you to return to allow us to turn on RGB when we open camera app

    You should make it option to allow turn it on or off, not force us to turn it off when we open camera app

  • fix pls sound in mobile legends, problem active 2 moths !!!

  • SibiSibi Level 2

    1.yes there is already 4modes for battery and you can use it...I have it on dynamic and no heat on normal use for me...or use advanced mode and have the thermal cpu GPU ram performance to med or low...asus has given more option to tune than mi mix 4!

    2.virtual ram is a gimmick you won't need more than 6gb ram with a flagship chip...rog 5 has 8gb/12/16 gb which are more than adequate.virtual ram only takes up internal storage space there is no improvement on performance with that...Chinese brands as usual introducing a waste feature to cover up their shitty os and Chinese built in apps!

    3and4 Yes I faced it rarely in my last should be looked into by asus has been turned off by asus because many users reported there is color tint issues while taking pictures indoor or semi light conditions which turned out to be RGB light turned on asus to solve the said problem turned it off.

  • Está correto isso, no teste não deveria mostrar os dois módulos de bateria????

  • Alguém poderia fazer esse teste para mim, por favor????

  • anyone knows how to get the rog 5 lightening armour case in india ??

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