[5z] Bad Service! Battery Changed 4 Months ago and now it is very Badly Degraded, Seeing Idle Drain.



  • If only they made their battery testing software avaiable 🙄 I'd use that instead of accubattery .The firmware doesnt even seem to display battery cycle count .. not sure why its hidden from users 🙄

  • Update:- After new battery replacement & my observation concluded that issue still existed and not solved there is idle drain just the diffrence is first i use to see 25%-30% idle drain overnight but now i am able to see 17%-20% idle drain ( may be this is beacuse of new healthy battery)

    So later i contacted service centre again on saturday after 2 days of observation and told them that i am still seeing same problem. They suggested me to visit service centre again and they will check with the software whats wrong. So after i visited service centre they flashed OS and my device was downgraded to Android 9 .52 version and told me they dont have latest flash with any of Android 10 version so please keep under observation with Android 9 firmware for one day and later update to Android 10 the other day and see if there is any fix. Also they told if issuse is still same after this process than its board issue. And they need to furthur check with that.

    So now let me tell you i was seeing same idle drain with flashed firmware as well as after i updated to Android 10 again. So basically i am clueless now if its hardware board issue as i have no performance issue nor any heating issues then how can my board have issue?

    So basically Now my issue is still not solved and i am helpless after a long 10 days process of service centre. So what shall i do the next ??? Visiting service centre again will again lead me to reset my device for 4th time and have to submit my device for more 4-5 days.....!

    Why are technicians no that trained to verify issue in one check if fixing one problem will take more than 10 days than how will customer be satisfied and get a solution? @Gustav_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

    Help me and thanks!

  • Exactly. Even I am going through a similar experience! This is really annoying. Why should customers suffer even after multiple such occurrences? Is it so hard for ASUS to see and act upon their negligence? Shouldn't ASUS dispose of such victims' cases swiftly and properly so as to cause them the least inconvenience?

    Horrible after-sales service!

  • Update:- I had no other option than to submit my device again to service centre with a reset yesterday that is 3rd time since last 10 days i have deposited my device & they have again opened up my case and this time they said me they will check thorougly whats going wrong with my device i dont know what is happening...! first my battery got changed thanks for that but again issue stays and now they will be checking thorougly than i am questioned what was happening for my last device examinations on back end??

    I am not getting any clear idea of whats going on in my case. I have to again wait for more 5 days for furthur checks so this will almost complete 15 days of my device repair.... thats really annoying.....

    :( @fussion_ASUS   @Gustav_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS

  • Hi AmitGarde,

    I am sending you a PM.

    I had discussed your case today, I will continue discussing it PM. Thanks.

  • ok sir....! i am waiting for your PM

    Thanks for looking into my case, it really meansalot...!

  • that's effed up! I am now on 45 days with no phone😥😫

  • It's such an expensive device and it's been only 2 years since I bought it. And now i've been treated like shit. Absolutely disappointing.

  • Upgrade to Android pie. You will be surprised to see how the battery improves.

  • Asus is planning all this for the zenfone 5z. Because they have new phones to sell. It means it's time for the old ones to break down in order to sell them.

  • I am still waiting for your PM sir @ARP_ASUS

    Just now i called a service centre they have informed me that they are awaiting for higher authority to response on the posted testing results via email which was done since saturday and now i am worried how many days more i have to stay without my device..??? i am totally dependent on device for my work these days.

    I hope for a positive response sir.


  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    Sorry to knock you on this thread @ARP_ASUS sir but as you told me in comment of my service thread that you will PM me on last friday and until then i did not receive any PM from you yet.(its a wwek now). i want to tell you that my device has completed more than 15 days of repair but still service centre is not able to find the real cause of the problem and my Zenfone 5z is still with service centre please help me sir. What shall i do??

    According to Service centre battery is really draining badly when data ON and off with super saving mode on Android 9 as well as Android 10 when phone is kept idle or in standby mode.Even after flashing the firmware.

    Yesterday manager from service centre called me saying that battery is Ok from our side after testing... And he was trying to force me to accept that even after 40% of idle drain for 16-17hrs says me all is good with battery... i dont know how...! Actually idle drain is the real issue for which i have kept my device with them and they are calling me and saying same thing again and again sibce 10 days battery test shows no problem with battery but yes idle drain still exists and we cant tell you beyond that what is exact issue.. until and unless we get any furthur email response.with this response of service manager i am surprised that when will i get my solution then?? or get to know why is idle drain happening?? They are not pushing themselves to find real cause i asked them to check with any other issue inside device and try to find out the real cause of problem & they told me that we dont have authority to check any other things with the device and hence they dont do any work and my days are passing by without any solutions.

    With such pathetic behaviour of service centre i am really loosing on my patience now i want my device to be fixed as early as possible. In my 6 years of Zenfone journey never experienced such lazy & carefree service from ASUS. I am still co-oeprating patiently with them i call them after every 2 days to know what the situation is and what all they reply is battery is ok sir.....! But in there test they see same idle drains always i have to suggest them to check with other tricks if battery is really faulty or hardware its hardware by installing same battery in any other 5z. but they say that we dont have any other 5z to check battery in that and also we dont have any other borads to check with. And they keep on testing same thing again and again they changed my battery but it is behaving same i dont know if its battery issue or any other but service centre are not at all intrested to service our devices as early as possible or not even egar to find fault. What kind of service is this???

    I felt like they are trying to force me to accept that battery is all good without doing any other tests by always saying me same thing again and again that battery is all good sir and everything seems normal for 17% idle drain with super saving mode on for 13 hrs ...(mobile data off)!!!! Other case is 40% idle drain with 15 hrs of standby on power saving mode (mobile data on)..... then is this really normal u think??? & So i thought as they are not able to find the real cause and my device is in service centre since so long span of 15 days and my case is still open. they want my case to be closed as soon as possible and so they are forcing me to accept that no there is problem with battery. And all is f9 with the device...... I really dont know how can they say that if all is good with device then there should not be so much of idle drain i am owner of Zenfone 5z since 3 years never experince such idle drain anytime earlier then how is it normal all of sudden??

    Also mathews sir who is co ordinating on my case on phone calls from headquarters it seems he told me on call to submit my device again to service centre on last week thursday and from then he is not receiving my calls and not even calling me back even after seeing my miss calls weather its call waiting or normal miss calls so now i am crushed here in the middle... And have no way out to get my problem fixed.

    According to service centre they have emailed my battery reports but they havent got any reply since 5 days ... How is that sir?? What shall a customer do in this case sorry to be so rude but i am loosing my patience.

    @Titan_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @CH_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Karen_ASUS

    I hope for positive response from ASUS.


  • Even I had terrible experience with Mathew. It's always uncertain if he will pick up a call or call back. He hardly replies through emails. So, don't try much with emails.

  • Very disappointing how these 2 cases are handled . Now I'm really scared to give my phone for battery replacement . Are they simply trying to kill the device .

  • @AmitGarde can you pm me? i wanted to ask something regarding the battery...

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