Flikering effect with WhatsApp camera

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My rog phone 5 is having flikering issue with camera in WhatsApp (shown in video 2), but the pre installed camera apps works normally (shown in video 1). This issue remain even after factory reset. I have emailed myasus for help but still pending for reply. Is there anyone facing the same problem? Any solution possible? Thanks


  • display

    Test by disabling "Adaptive Brigthness"

    Test the different values, auto, 144, 120, 60

  • Hi @k_huat ,

    Which firmware are you right now?

    Please make sure you are on the latest version _WW_18.0840.2107.151

  • Dear @Irene2_ASUS

    Yes I'm with the latest version as attached

  • Dear @FunBike31

    It makes no different. I'm using same setting for two different apps,

    Camera apps works fine but WhatsApp camera with flikering effect problem.

    Thanks for your reply

  • This can have several different causes, the application does not yet correctly take the Rog5 and certainly other phones with high frequency, different synchronization or too low brightness.

    The specifications published by Whatsapp are almost nonexistent, apart from 16MB max I think there is nothing else.

    - Test in good light outside, if not better

    -Try to put it in Armory Create

    and made 2 tests by setting the same FPS frequency on the Rog (display) and in Armory Create, auto-auto and 60-60

  • Hi @FunBike31

    Thanks for your advice. I found the culprit of this issue. It's my fluorescent light problem. Whatsapp camera working fine outside my room under led light (as attached video)

    Just out of curiosity why with the same setting the camera app works normally under the fluorescent light but not the WhatsApp camera

    Problem solved! Thanks a lot 🙏

  • glad to have helped you

    The cause is the frequency of the electric current

    North America 60Hz, Europe and other countries 50Hz

    Apple finally knows both since iOS 14.3 but not Android, so we don't have those choices

    NTSC, 30, 60,120 hz, PAL 25,50,100 hz

    Until Mr. Google deigns to recognize the Standard PAL, in the camera settings, there is an Anti-flicker 50.60Hz and auto mode which therefore works well as you have seen.

    WhatsApp does not use the device software, it uses the base NTSC frequency which is that of Android.

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