ZenFone 8 seems to be bricked. I have no idea what to do.



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    @Lammy its just scary using a phone that could breakdown anytime with your files in it, and will be formatted again. Pixel 6 could be a good choice but its a bit bigger now compared to pixel 3 size.

    Im using a 3 years old pixel 3 and never have been repaired or anything happened to it. This just proves how bad asus phones are.

  • Irvin, you are annoying with constant whining. We will see, if this is really that big deal you wanted to make it. So far 4 here are getting this problem and 3 on XDA (at least one is on both sites). Making conclusions out of couple of people experiences is not good.

    I had Oneplus 8T for one month and had serious network issues with it. Just on their forum was thread 12 pages long filled with people having same issues.

    You are taking risk every time when buying. Buy expensive things with warranty!

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. I wondered if that's limited to a specific version.

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    Pipss, this isnt an isolated case, it is a present issue since zenfone 6 and rogphones according to some people. We are not even considering the people who doesnt post anything in the internet. Yes i am trying to be annoying so people from asus can see and do action about it. You see, if this happened to you, you lost all your files, otp apps, because you trusted a brand, wouldnt you be pissed in the said brand? Network issue isnt that bad compared to a totally bricked phone in a month. Not defending oneplus, had blutooth problems after years of using it. But we are talking about bricked phone in a month use.

  • @jakislogin2

    The other guy is 128gb mine is 256gb, however the ram is the same which is 8gb. It is also an issue from rog phones too.

  • If it's since ZF6, Asus should be aware of the problem...

  • I'm currently on vacation - guess what happened? black screen and no response to any keys. on the phone, I have a lot of photos that will probably be lost from the holidays. Zenfon disappointed my expectations, but what has happened now is a nightmare. I lost my photos, contact with the world, money for that hopeless phone call. I wonder how long the repair will take. I'd love to get my money back. Asus shame on you! you screwed up the phone and my vacation!

  • Welcome to the club @daniel91m , it took a week for me, they will deliver my phone back tomorrow. And when i asked what was the problem with the phone, they just sent me the invoice with no reason at all besides replacing the mainboard. So that means it can happen again.

    Yeah, the hassle frustrates me the more. I cant do contactless payment, all the otp apps, messaging,etc.

    For a 1month old phone, this is 10/10fail of a phone.

  • Even I agree with the fact that their services are super obscure. The customer is not informed of what's wrong with the device and the reasons behind it. All he knows is what spare is used. In my case, the repair staff performed some botched repair and it's been 40+ days since I last had my phone 5z. It's still not repaired yet. No one really cares.

  • I would stay away from their phones, i wish i did.

  • Just an update: i have received my phone back after a week and few days. Its working well. But unfortunately, like i anticipated, you can see pry marks on some corners at the backside of the phone. Imagine buying a bnew phone just a month ago and now it looks so used and dented. What a mess. I am not happy with the product at all.

  • In my country you can demand new phone or cash, if anything seriously goes wrong in first 6 months. I think some other EU counties has same.

  • Pipss, how? isit a law in your country? Ive already talked to the retailer shop and told me i cant get a refund.

  • Retail shop will tell you what is better for them. You should know laws that cover you in you country.

  • Losing my patience already. Do i need to get a lawyer or something? We do have lemon rights in singapore. But not sure if should i pursue the retailer or asus directly?

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    If you cant understand laws in your country, then get a lawyer and he will explain laws that apply. But it will probably cost you half of the phone just for that. Knowledge is $$$.

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    I'm closing this thread since we're moving away from the original topic and I'm already in contact with the affected users via PM.

    For new users finding this thread: If you are experiencing the RAM dump issue described in the original post, please create a separate thread and we'll take a closer look at it. Thanks.

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