Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • So basicially no source, big blablah. As pointed out by many users already, india is a large market for ASUS, there is no compelling reason for them to shut anything down.

    1.) More likely that ASUS is shutting down bad service centers due to constant messing up and are looking for alternatives as they do not have their own service centers and are hiring 3rd part service centers. As can be seen on these forums, there are certain service centers that do a terrible job and multiple users face some serious after purchase issues.

    2.) Only strenghtens point 1.

    3.) Probably due to misuse of the support app. As many people on these forums react like a kid on a fitting rage.

    4.) Again strentens point 1

    5.) This has been reported many times way before as well, again strenghtens point 1.

    6.) Once again, strenghtens point 1.

  • @Yamini @freakingrocky did you try the new update, Recived few days back? I got my phone fixed from service center i fear it might get happen again..

  • I have installed latest update 2107.151....But wifi & Hotspot issue still not resolved

  • Hello,

    Why would we want us to do this, personally, I have no reason, the majority of users with a WiFi problem have had the motherboard changed, more or less quickly it is true.

    As the device is only a few weeks old, users would be entitled to demand an extension of the warranty on the date of the motherboard change and that is what I will do, if Asus does not want this is a valid reason to resort to a consumer association.

    To date, there are many unknowns, manufacturing problem, heating, other causes? and especially what% of Rog5 are affected.

    Do not forget that satisfied users rarely come to say it, researching WiFi outages, in europe, in china, not found, in the US on reddit / wifi outage survey 5 and here 5 or 6.

    I don't think the number of cases is enough to go beyond warranty service

    Finally, and this is a point that I would like to mention, having been director of IT systems and services, I have always said and consider myself that the customer is king, one, two, three excess of anger can be understood, especially that the device is new and must be resolved, with a lot of diplomacy, beyond, with as much eagerness to see insult, the problem can no longer be resolved amicably.

    Check out the Chinese forum, you may learn that there are other ways to solve a problem.

  • My device is at the service center since 12 days,now they say it ll take 2 more weeks.reason enough ?

  • No latest update wont fix it..it needs a hardware (motherboard) replacement..its the only option

  • Yes of course that is sufficient reason for at least an extension of the warranty and even another gesture, 4-5 weeks is very long, there are certainly circumstances (Covid-19 and the holidays) but this is not the customer's fault.

    This is not the subject of my previous answer, which concerns one or more users and their ways of proceeding, crying wolf that customer service is faulty but without having returned their broken smartphones.

    When on demand this Asus recognizes a defective series, it is not in a month that this is done if it must be done.

    There are only cases of risk of serious accidents (battery explosion) or this is treated as a priority, as with the Note 7 or the MacBook pro.

    In the other known cases (iphone 11, iphone 6s) the delay was respectively 6 months and 1 year for a manufacturing problem.

    Only Xiaomi has been more responsive and more generous than Samsung and Apple.

  • What a silly explanation are these. For Asus, quality and customer service doesn't matter at all. If they are so concerned about quality then why haven't did quality check of these manufacturing defective devices before selling to customers. Now when customers are complaining then they should come forward to make a statement but they won't and as it's manufacturing defect so for quality purpose they should take back all units sold to customers.

    Regarding service centers, they have very less service centers across India and if they are closing it for quality assurance then replacement of that service center must be open before. In my city which is one of the biggest city in India, only 2 service centers are there and one which is nearest to me don't have any equipment for hardware repair what a quality service center they have. What Asus expect, should I visit to their service center in Taiwan for quality service.

    And at last for chat support, you can't close just because people are asking irrelevant queries some time. In that case, how other companies are running their chat support.

  • I am also facing this problem from July 18 at least recently I got a new software update but there is nothing improved. And guess what this software update got another issue which is speaker problem after doing this update my call speaker loudspeaker all kind of speaker in my phone are turned off... Really very disappointing thing. Shame on you Asus team.. this is my first phone in Asus ROG 5 and now you guys make me very disappointed and I promise you guys I will never purchase products from you. Also I will never gonna recommend anyone to purchase Asus product.. shame on you Asus🤬

  • They must be aware of these issues now as many customers visited their service centers and even everyday complaining on customer support, Zentalk and social media but i guess Asus team ignoring it and don't want to reveal their manufacturing defect out to world.

  • And ROG Phone 5 will be first and last device for many customers like me from that shameless company who sold manufacturing defective product and then don't say a word about that.

  • No, don't update to the new one. It is causing a complete shutdown of phone. Some users reported me the same.

  • How did you manage to get replace ment for your rog 5 which you have purchased in May ?

    And did you receive your replacement ?

    I am just freaking don't want to open up my phone to replace motherboard. And some of the users have reported that their air triggers stopped working after replacing motherboard.

    So I would go for replacement instead if it possible...So please reply me

  • Hmm..too bad if its really happening..i wont update my phone now.

  • A friend of my little brother said to my cousin's girlfriend who told her nephew who told my grandmother who told her grandson who told me that firmware 151 was making the rog phone bricked 5

    Unfortunately, no Firmware can fix the bug between the chair and the smarphone.

  • Yes of course, in response to vrshankar0000 which brings a comment or I could not determine if it was humor in the 3rd degree or if it is peddling without any foundation. For the moment I do not know of any case where this update has been installed.

    Update, your phone will restart normally :) and if you had no problem sending MMS you won't see a difference.

    Personally, I always take the precaution not to update automatically and not to restart after the download but to turn off the phone and then turn it on again so that the update is carried out from a cold boot, which makes it possible to do the update with its own memory and avoids a large number of tests or a bug is always possible.

    It is a choice but I never had to start again from a factory configuration for an individual problem after an update.

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