VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8



  • It actually was not Asus fault, it was Orange Poland decided to screw us. They probably don't care our Asus phone users

    Yes, indeed it was clearly working before but they use whitelist system to keep blocking VoLTE.

    What Orange need to do is validate and add ZF8 to the list.

  • What ASUS need to do is not touch VoLTE in Orange, because some peaple are blacklisted, but some are not. I've been using not Orange certified devices for more then 2 years, and Zenfone 8 for more then 1 month and have perfectly working VoLte and VoWifi. In Orange Flex though.

  • hey Asus,

    When will you implement VOLTE and WIFI calling for Australian carriers like Telstra/Optus?

    It can not be that hard.

  • If it's true about Orange PL, ZF8 will be my first and last Asus. I'll wait when my warranty ends and swap to some Samsung S series phone. Flagship phone shouldn't have problems like ZF8

  • In this case i would like to swap carrier, if they have working settings, but banning users phones anyway.

  • Believe me that there are cases when for some reasons users won't change their operator ;) For now I have two workarounds if I need to use WiFi Calling: 1. buy DT Poland sim with prepaid and insert it into SIM2slot - use only when wificalling needed. 2. Don't get rid off my old LG G7 and use it when WiFiCalling needed. In two years I'll get rid off ZF8 and my problems will be fully resolved ;)

  • Is VoLte that much better than HD voice? I get that before HD voice was enabled, it was really huge difference, but now we have it and call quality is very good.

    But i get it that some do not have good reception and need to use VoWifi for calls.

  • Hi Asus,

    Any idea when will VOLTE comes to Singapore?

  • There's no big difference between HD Voice vs VoLTE in qudio quality. The only thing is that 3G support by carriers will be dropped in about 3-4 years. But i think that since then they all should enable 4G calling like 3G today - just out of the box.

  • It's also possible that when operators like Orange PL will turn off their 3G in few years, Asus ZF8 users will be dropped from 4G to 2G when calling and HD Voice won't work there anymore :)

  • wificalling-volte . pl

    More than half of popular mobiles doesn't have volte and vowifi in Orange (in Play/Plus even more) so i dont think so.

  • We'll see. Orange shown that they are not interested in enabling such services in devices that are not selled by them. They can always advise: Buy your phone in our shop and then you can use VoLTE ;)

  • Now, when its only curiosity yes, but not when there won't be any alternative. Carriers are competing for every 1% of customers. When there will be possibility to loose 5 or 10% of them they wont allow it.

    Looking on actual Volte Certified phones Plus should loose half of them :)

  • There still will be 2G for users of other devices, EOT ;)

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    Hi there,

    Is there anything being done for Digi.Mobil Romania? The code to enable the options in Mobile Network works and the VoLTE and VoWiFi switches can be activated, but nothing happens, so I guess no MBN for it?

  • Still no VoLTE for VIVACOM in Bulgaria...

  • Hello,

    Can you ask orange France to add the Zenfone 8 on their smartphone list compatible with volte please?

    Because, as long as it doesn't figure on this list,it is a pain for owners to get the volte activated.

    Orange cancelled volte on my Zenfone 8 (very good phone so far) and I have to get mad with a counselor once again to get it back.

  • It is something unbelievable. I remember that with 2g and 3g there was no such issues. You just buy any supporting phone and it works. The same should be with 4g.

    UE make tons of useless legislation and should do sth with that.

  • Hi!

    Whats the status for Telenor Norway? I love this phone, but calling really sucks...

  • Operator Elisa in Finland does not support VoLTE/VoWIFI in Zenfone 8.

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