VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8



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    News about enabling VoLTE for VIVACOM in Bulgaria?

  • Verifying Zenfone8 works on AT&T in USA and the VoLte icon is showing. I just got it yesterday, put in my SIM and did the recommended updates. Very relieved

  • Hi

    i had this problem too but i found it feature VOLTE in the sim card internet section. but i found some problem resolving in youtube to.

    Follow this way

    1. Settings
    2. Internet And Network (Or Network and internet)
    3. Mobile Network

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    @bartehk Does VoLTE work for you in Orange Flex? You mentioned you force enabled VoLTE long time before in was enabled by ASUS in an update, yet it stopped working with one of the following updates. I'm curious if they blacklisted you, like reportedly Orange does.

    I've been using VoLTE in Orange Flex for more then 2 years in OP phones without any ban whatsoever. However, according to reports from this threads, at least a few users were denied to use VoLTE in Orange. I wonder if that's this device specific reaction or simply Orange Flex doesn't care.

    Oh, as this is my first post here, hi everyone!

  • Can you please provide full solution? Your instruction was cut short.

  • Can you please guide me how to make VoLte works on AT&T? I had zenfone8 8 and my carrier is AT&T. I still can not make VoLte work.

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    When Asus will start to implement VoWifi Support?

  • Country: Sweden

    Carrier: Hallon

    Carrier: Tre

    I have the Zenphone 5z

  • Sad that Asus mods stopped to answer there, but I still hope that someday servicess will start to work. I start to regret that I didn't buy Samsung S21 for the same amount of money :(

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    FYI, Zenfone 8 Flip got software update today. Change log isn't impressive though.

    Edit. So is for Zenfone 8 Solid ;)

  • Hi @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS

    Any updates about certification status for ZF8 in Saudi Arabia?

    Your comments are highly appreciated.

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    I have questions about VoLTE support for O2 network in Czech republic. Starting firmware version you declare VoLTE and VoWIFI support for O2 Czech republic. Before I found this forum I have asked your local support and O2 about VoLTE support and from both I get information, that Zenfone 8 doesn't support VoLTE for O2 network in Czech republic. Can you please confirm, that you have tested at least VoLTE for O2 network in Czech republic?

  • I owned a Zenfone 2, 4 and currently using 5q. I have used all of them on the ATT network in the US. i would like my next phone to be a 8 flip. I love Asus brand, owns two PC with Asus motherboard, two Asus laptop. The only reason my wife is using a OnePlus 7 Pro because Zenfone 6 flip was delayed. My understanding is that 8 flip will not have ATT VoLTE support..... That would really be a bummer....I have 4 gig sd card that I would really like to retain... And use it on 8 Flip... Please make that firmware available for 8 flip when it comes toward the end of this year. Thanks!!

  • should i have a question does voLTE and voWIFI run in czech republic O2? Does anyone have the phone and can confirm it's OK?

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    Hi @Gustav_ASUS

    Sorry for bothering, please ignore this. Volte was working for few hours and now it's banned again in Orange pl

  • T-mobile Czech Republic still does not support VoLTE and Wifi Call. Even HD voice doesn't work here

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    I can see that volte is available again in Orange Pl. Wificalling still doesn't work. Some ongoing tests?

    Edit: stopped working again, so still nothing new

  • Hi @Gustav_ASUS

    Do you know what's the timeline for Wificalling/volte in Orange Poland? Will that take a week, month or longer to enable both services?

  • @lukasz.szabelski takie a look here.

    That's disappointing if true for WW version as well...

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