Rog Phone 5S, do not worry!

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Don't worry guys, the Rog 5S is not an improved version, it's the same throttling, buggy mess that you have just with a slightly overclocked CPU, which literally makes 0 difference since the GPU is the exact same clockspeed, so in terms of your performance you will not see a difference between the Rog5 and Rog5S, infact this is just a marketing stunt so ASUS can milk the Rog phone until Samsung kills off the gaming market with their AMD GPU.

Without the cooler the Rog5S will literally throttle 40%. Yes boys and gals, we look at a whooping 40% performance decrease without cooler, so you better strap on that cooler and only lose around 5%-10% on sustained load.

I truly think the Rog5 is the last gaming phone from ASUS since they cannot compete with the AMD chip coming up in 2022.


  • And to further prove his claim,allegedly it can only perform 66% stability on 3d mark,and videos about this are out there

    It indeed seems that this is all a last resort of Asus to get some money out of their Rog lineup before the gaming market gets wrecked by the AMD exynos in a few months,and rest assured,other gaming lineups will also give up

  • Absolutely agree with that

    Rog 5s just a gimmick. SD 888+ have better performance than SD 888 but worst throttle management and more heat

    Samsung x AMD will destroy ASUS and snapdragon because their 3d mark score reach 8.134 and if they do antutu they will reach more than 1.000.000 score

    SD 888+ only reach 830.000 point and I am very sure they won't be able to reach 1.000.000 point with SD 895

    Let's what's their strategy to counter Samsung x AMD next year

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    The problem is.... There are quite a few apps that run very well on Snapdragon. Like I use emulators a lot like ppsspp, so unless if they update their app the performance of the and processor might not help.

    Take a look at Samsung exynos variant. It was horrible with some of my favourite emulators

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