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  • This makes no sense, if its a software problem that means no need to replace the logicboard. I call bs

  • Their explanation is: The firmware update has hard-bricked the motherboard. If it is a soft-brick issue, then they might have resolved it by simply installing the older version of the software. But as the motherboard is hard-bricked, replacement of it is the only option. I don't understand why nobody from ASUS is addressing this issue or ready to accept the blunder they have done.

  • Once again that makes no sense. Whoever told you that is throwing out half truths or lies. You do not flash the Wifi chip with a firmware update, so there is no way to brick it. I'll make a topic for diagnostic sake to find out if this is hardware or software.

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    Most of us are not tech savy , what can we do , we only can believe what they r saying.

    i can tell u precicely how to problem started if that helps :

    i was playing pubg on wifi , aeroactive cooler connected,mobile data was also on, suddenly the game had connection issues ,i pulled down the notification panel and it said no internet access under the wifi.i turned off the wifi and continued my match on mobile .

    in a couple of minutes i realised wifi was working on my other devices,so i turned on the wifi n again it said no internet access.(i was able to search n connect to the wifi by this time but it showed no internet access)i started searching in wifi setting ,trying to see what was wrong and suddenly the phone crashed.

    i tried turning it on ,but it wasnt turning on, after 5-8 minutes it turned on ,since that i was unable to toggle on the wifi option ,i turned the option on but it automatically got off after a couple of minutes.n while trying to turn on the hotspot option ,it showed error.

    i also have generated device log ,to share with asus guys, i can share that link too.

    p.s ; this happened to me after more than 10 days of installing the .86 update.

  • @krnapj Not much to go by, it does sound rather strange that it happened during a gaming session, it might be useful finding out when the wifi died for others. I'll tag some to see what they said, since your experience could indicate on a heatdeath, altho i do doubt it, but let's see what the result will be with my topic and this.

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    Any informations regarding this? When did your wifi break? while gaming or just randomly?

  • No i assure you , the temp. Were normal, i always play in A.C. and with the aerocooler on, temp never exceeds 44 c .and that was my first game that evening.

  • The system temp is irrelevant to the temperature on the wifi. Your SoC can easily get up to 100c while your system temp is only at 40.

  • My wifi is down since 12th Aug, version is 18.0840.2106.86. Tried calling asus but seems they don't know if it is bug, asking me to visit service center.. Already hv reset the phone on their suggestion.. no luck.. don't know how long it gonna take..

  • Is there any way we roll the upgrade back?

  • @Danishblunt I just scrolled some social media stuff at night and switched off my mobile around 1 am on 14 Aug, at morning I turned on my mobile, my mobile did not connected to wifi so I tried 2-4 times restart but there is no use and I reset my mobile but there is no use again. So I opened youtube and searched the issue there are 2-3 videos I opened one of the YouTuber name PTG UNBOX, he said it's a software bug it will be patched in an upcoming update

  • I made a topic here with a link on how to downgrade, check it out and report back.

  • But if you downgrade it, then you may void the warranty. Right?

  • Yeah, I'm not tech-savvy too. So, I have to believe what they are saying. Sure, if you have any more information about this issue, then please share it with us. I have submitted my mobile to the service centre and they're gonna replace the motherboard.

  • I'm telling you it's a manufacturing defect from fabrication unit and Asus want to hide it that's why they don't have courage to come forward & make an official press release to accept it. Please guys do as much tweets as possible to @asus_in @asus @sharmadinesh @vinay_asus @arnold_su6 to accept this problem. Otherwise we need to replace Motherboard every month and throw it to garbage after waranty.

  • For me, device rebooted automatically and after that wifi stopped working. Still my device rebooted automatically couple of times after wifi issue has been started.

  • Hi Danish, could you please share contact details from Asus Management to whom I can contact to get refund for this faulty device.

  • I don't have any contacts with ASUS management people. I'm just a curious user that wants to know whats going on with the Rog5. I already made a Rog5 video back in the days explaining why there are already some serious problems with the hardware, people ignored it and some even told me I'm a hater.


    Funnily enough some dislikes have turned to likes, guess people did learn. Sadly people would rather listen to big reviewers who are useless than people who actually know what the fk they talk about.

  • @Danishblunt 

    I quite agree, it's either a software problem or a hardware problem but a mixture of the two, it's a new plot with the manufacturers and the developers :)

    What was disturbing is that many complained after the update .86 but the new impacted users demonstrate that this is not the case, failures still occur well after the update.

    If it was the update, all the users of a SKU at least would have been impacted, the programmers would have forgotten the chipset driver in the firmware !!!

    he stays

    - A defective 888 series, (or 6900 module) unlikely, although xiaomi has a similar problem on the Mi 11, so far there has been no case with other brands.

    - A series of motherboard or a manufacturing process (soaking bath to attach the 888 to the motherboard) temperature resistance and / or bending underestimate?

    The FastConnect 6900 is integrated into the 888, it controls wifi, Bluetooh, audio among others, the 888 modules each have their connections, those of the 6900 would pose a problem

    Failures - Wifi (QFC6900)

    Bugs - Audio (QFC6900) voice robot

    The Bluetooh? nobody complains, logically the complete failure of Wifi should affect the BT

    For the temperatures of all components, test AIDA64, it is also the only one that I have found that reads the model name I00Dx, so the frequency band

    sorry for my English

  • I have tried downloading the drivers from the official ROG site. They have mentioned that improper installation will void the warranty. That is the reason I haven't done it and gave it to the service center. Because motherboard is very costly right.

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