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What's the status on VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8 in Norway (Telenor)?



  • From what we have been informed - Telenor has not approved nor wanted to verify Zenfone 8 yet but hopefully we can get there one day.

  • Is Telenor generally refusing the verification of Z8 VoLTE, or just in Norway?

    I am also at Telenor but at Telenor Hungary, therefore I would be interested. Thanks!

  • Refusing is not the correct word. As we've mentioned in the past, support for VoLTE really needs the efforts of both ASUS and the operators - one-sided enablement which some users keep saying we should do because "some other vendor" does it, can and often does, lead to unforseen issues.

    The challenge for our teams is to also ensure validation is done everywhere, with every operator - this takes a long time , even more so if it is not prioritised.

    From what we see, there is no roadmap to VoLTE for Telenor Hungary at this point..

  • But, VoLte for Telenor is on Asus roadmap for the Zenfone 8? Have Telenor been contacted?

    I see that other providers in Norway are already supported, like Ice, so its strange that there's little push from Asus to get the biggest one on board.

  • Have contacted Telenor regarding VoLTE support om Asus zenfone 8, and they claim that it will not be supported unless they start to sell the Zenfone 8 in the Telenor phone store.

    I guess that will never happen unless Asus does something?

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    I dont believe the default assumption is to think Asus has "done little" to get Telenor onboard to help us.

    It is usually the other way around.

    From our Nordic team, Telia is supported in all 4 countries.

    Tele 2 in Sweden. ICE in Norway.

    Hi3G also enabled in Sweden and Denmark.

    Elisa is under progress but not yet finalized.

    It is pretty much Telenor left, and not enabled in any of the Nordic countries. I dont think the issue is that ASUS is rejecting Telenor here..

  • Contacted Telenor again, and they claim the it is up to Asus to enable VoLTE ( see attached screenshot from Telenor Facebook.)

    They says that Telenor does not need to approve.

    So Asus, please activate VoLTE for Telenor, really not want root my phone to enable it myself.

  • ASUS loads the mbn settings , which we need to receive from Telenor.

    There is no such thing as "we just do it".

    We can use a default set of mbn and IMS settings for Telenor - but the chance of issues is very high.

    As such operators and device manufacturers generally cowork together to ensure stability - we've done it with Telia, Tele2, Ice, Hi3G and coming up Elisa.

    Telenor would not be different. Telenor's customer service agent may not have all the background information.

    That being said, we are actively working towards this goal with them - the timeline however is very unsure.

  • Szevasztok!

    Gyerekek, a Vodafone után, a Telekom is bekapcsolta a VoLte hívást Magyarországon! Parádés a dolog! Mindenkinek ajánlom a kicsi Asust, mert minden téren vadállat a vas!!!

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    Yes - I cant understand why this is not yet implemented. Seriously - its the largest provider in norway and a global actor in the telecom industry. If this still hasnt been implemented someone at Asus is not doing their job.

  • Good.

    l'll gladly test out default VoLTE settings for Asus in Norway on Telenor.

    Send a test build and I'll have a go.

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    I have also been in contact with Telenor on this issue, and they make it clear that ASUS is not interested in communicating this. To be honest, the telenor representative I was in touch with made it fairly clear that ASUS is not really interested in communicating and coordinating together with Telenor to deliver this service. Lesson is clearly: Want services that should be implementing in any phone in 2021, purchase a brand that can deliver on its product and is interested in giving a good user experience.

    Live and learn. Buy a phone from an established company in the cellphone industry.

  • Yes, learned today that Asus does not have an agreement with Telenor to activate/enable VoLTE. Telenor is willing but waiting for Asus to take first step (to Tango).

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    If ASUS wants to get a footing in the Nordic countries it needs to step up the game and behave more professionally. This thing might fly in other countries, but the Telenor representative I spoke to seemed unwilling to even recommend ASUS phones. Not sure if this is because the people representing the brand in Norway are doing a poor job/are unprofessional or that there simply is no focus on the region from ASUS' perspective. Either way, OnePlus and other smaller brands have done right by its Nordic customers and the telecom industry here, This means it should be possible for ASUS to do something as well. Unlucky for us who bought the phone, this seems to not be the case.

  • Asus is saying "That being said, we are actively working towards this goal with them..." So crossing fingers that them is Telenor and that it will infact be solved.

    I like the phone , even though voice quality is really poor.

  • Its a lost cause. Just get a better phone and jump ship instead of bothering with this shit. Dont have the time or patience with this leve of service. Many better products on the Market.

  • But why is voice quality very poor on this phone ?

    And why dont they fixed it ?

  • I am not sure, but might be that we have gotten used to the voice quality of VoLTE and when you loose that, everything sounds distorted/muffled.

    @asus.zenfone8 @CH_ASUS any news/time frame for Telenor VoLTE? What's the current feedback from Telenor?

  • @frode.nesvold @joerund The comments made by CH_ASUS still stand. We are (and have been) working with Telenor to achieve VoLTE support for Zenfone 8, contrary to what you might have been told elsewhere.

    I don't have a timeline to share with you right now, but know that we're working on it and are very eager to make it happen. Thanks for your patience so far.

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