Problem with voice getting interrupted - sounds like "robot" during calls

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ROG 5 16GB 256 WHITE
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2106.86
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Randomly during calls
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hi there...

Im having a problem with my phone which i have for less than 20 days.

During calls people tell me that my voice gets interrupted and that it sounds like a robot.

Problem happens during normal calls and even facebook messenger calls or Viber calls.

Happens randomly one time they can hear me normally and then suddently it gets interrupted with that "robot" like sound.

Problem was happening from the moment i got the device but thought i should wait and maybe a software update would solve it.Some days after i got it the current update came out and when i installed it problem appeared to not happen any more.But after some time people started telling me the same thing "voice interrupted" and robot voice again.

I have found another thread posted by someone else mentioning the same problem as mine and there are people that have the same thing but thread is closed.Link is below

What should i do,should i speak with asus?Will they repair the phone or replace it since there hasnt been many days since day of purchase and problem appeared from the start.

Thanks in advance


  • No use brother , see the flood of posts , they don't reply , they don't care. I have post abt robotic voice n echo on my rog 5 , but they have not replied and it's been more than 3 weeks. Another post of low wifi download speed - same thing ,no reply.All our queries are falling on deaf ears. If you can , change your phone for samsung or smth, otherwise we are literally at the mercy of their convenience. It's like they donot even test the phone/ updates and experimenting with us.i am never buying rog again.

  • its my first rog phone...only problem i have is this.Im going to call the support page for my country tommorow and see what they will say...i can see on other threads that nobody replies and they get locked i dont understand :(

  • Can confirm that I also have the same issue. Same firmware version.

    I either sound like a robot or they can't hear me at all and I have to reconnect the call.

  • Hey I have found that problem probably happens only when call is on speaker.

    I have recorded a conversation and I cut and merge into 1 file all the moments with the problem.

    Can you please check and tell me if you are having the same problem?

    Page doesn't allow me to link the audio or a link please use Google to search "xda Having problems with voice calls-voice dissapears-gets interrupted-sounds like "robot"

    I have made a thread there

  • I am also facing same issue . Asus must do something. I need to know this issues are only for some users or all are facing the same issues. Only officials can replay to it.

  • Well I have found more people having same problem.

    I spoke with Asus they told me to send them the audio file and that probably I will have to ship the device for repair to Czechia.

    REPAIR not replacement.

    They will open the device and fix things for a problem that happen wd from the first day. Device is 20 days old

  • Yeah I'm not prepared to send the phone away for repairs. Likely going to return it for refund. Pretty disappointed with the customer service from ASUS.

  • Even I have this problem . It's not asus's fault instead All of us created the same problem in our devices ?🤣🤣🤣

  • Rather than getting it repaired ,ask them to show you an rog with latest updated firmware which doesn't have this problem .

  • wait,you saying that this could be a problem with software?Not problem with one of the microphones?Have you read anything except those 2 threads that people have this problem?

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    If it was a problem with hardware it should always be there , it only starts after a couple of minutes of talking on speakerphone , and when it starts you toggle the speaker off n then on n it goes away, I don't see how this can be a hardware problem , and alot of us have is unlikely that so many of us got faulty microphones. But I am no tech expert.

    Moreover if it was a hardware problem , these moderators must have replied and directed us to go to service center.

    But since they are not replying , m sure they took note of it and are trying to work on it .

    That is just what I think .

  • So... Asus have told me to reset the phone to "avoid problems with software".

    If problem doesn't get fixed I should send them the phone for repair (to czechia I'm currently living in cyprus). It will be free shipping but my problem is seeing how many people are having the same problem it's a possibility the problem is with software and I will send it for no reason (don't like that the phone will be opened for no reason if its software related)

    Phone is 25 days old with zero scratches zero gaps from opening closing dont want to risk it Comming in a different state that it is now.

    I will test the reset and I will report back.

    WHY none of the mods here respond to the problem to let us know is it software related or hardware so we can at least relax and wait for the next update :-(

  • Just to let you know that I tried the safe mode which disables all the apps downloaded from the user and problem is still there

  • Brother,my phone had developed another problem,phone crashed and suddenly wifi n hotspot stopped working ,i hv given it to service center.i will be getting a motherboard my surprise,at my city’s service center there were already 4 rog 5’s with the same problem.most of the people dont waste their time n energy on these forums n get their phones repaired in the traditional way.these guys dont even read our posts anyway.rog 5 was a stupid phone with many bugs. Your concerns r genuine , but there wont be any scratches or gaps.they hv quality assessment team,and phone is opened using specific machines.there is nothing to worry and this is our only option.if it was a software bug,factory reset would hv removed it only.its what the service center guys told me.

  • UPDATE!!

    I sent my device to chzech to service.

    They received and they shipped it back,didn't go to pick it up.


    I haven't heared back from them to the question I asked them - is the mobo new - used - REFURBISHED.

    SO DISAPPOINTED device 20+ days problem appeared from the start and they replaced THE MAIN PART the motherboard... they don't accept a replacement.

    Whats your opinion - advice

  • did u get a mobo replacement too? was the part new?

  • i went and picked up the phone some days ago.

    They replaced the motherboard with a REFURBISHED PART!!!! (20 DAYS OLD DEVICE AND PROBLEM EXISTED FROM DAY 1)


    Problem with voice interupts- robot voice ---------- STILL EXISTS!!!!!!!!!

    Need an advice what to do next.


  • any admins here im not going to get a sollution speaking to GREEK SUPPORT.

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