Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS Rog Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: Android 11 (18.0840.2106.86)
  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: All the time


So my wifi & wifi-hotspot suddenly stopped working. They won't turn on at all (the hotspot says Error when I try turning it on from this screen). I tried booting into safe mode (doesn't work there also). Tried restarting it several times. Not sure what to do anymore. I don't wanna lose data so if you know how to fix this, Let me know.



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    I also have issues number 1, 2 and 4. I have emailed Asus about the same and am waiting for a reply.

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    Same here bro have to fucking use Lan cave for wifi after doing update Version WW18.0840.2106.86

    2021/07/22. Pls if you find solutions Tell me

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    Hi freakingrocky,

    I think you have completed most of the troubleshooting steps.

    Can you perform a factory reset?

    By any chance, you have connected Ethernet cable? Is the issue since you connected it?

  • Wifi and hotspot not turning on after latest update

  • Today i just faced the same error you guys are discussing on my rog5, Wifi and hotspot is disabled ..is there any solution to it yet ??

  • Are we only the one facing this issue or is it a gobal issue ? Will it be fixed by a update ???? or just ignored . ?

  • How are we suppose to update our phone is you remove all features to acess the internet ???? does anyone reply here or just waste of time posting here...

  • Do you think this would work on a mobile device ??? The wifi and hotspot option has been disabled by the update the guy has posted a pic of error i am getting the same error..stop giving silly sugesstions

  • @SujitMaximum @freakingrocky - the Asus customer support team made me go around them like crazy for a week without any solution. When I clearly told them that this is a software issue and others are also facing a similar issue and that they could check that out on this forum, they straight up denied. And they were finding ways to postpone and escape my issue, they'd say someone from the escalations team will reach out, then they'd say they are in touch with the tech team.. but nothing. I got 0 help from ASUS except they've wasted a lot of my time. And trust me, ASUS is never going to help. It has a pathetic after sales support. They don't care what issues you are facing, they care only about how much sales they are making and nothing else. They are big time LIARS. After I was so helpless as there is no service center in the town i live, I somehow managed to get a replacement from Flipkart. Hadn't flipkart helped me with a new replacement, I don't know how long would these so called Gaming Flagship Phone makers have kept me hanging with an absolutely useless phone in my hand.

    So my recommendation-

    Don't wait for these people to get back to you, because they won't as they are sure that this is not a software update and they have said that the customers on the forum "might be lieing- they might have dropped the phone or might have had it in contact with water or something, they might have damaged it themselves and are blaming on software update" these were the exact words of Mr. Mathew Misquitta when I asked him to check the forum as many people are facing this issue, these were his exact words.

    So, if you have a service center near you and you have no problem going to the service center, you could show it to them. Probably, that also wont help because this is clearly a freaking software update issue.

  • Thank you yamini..i will go directly to the service center instead of waiting for any update here online..hope to get a solution there..can you tell me how old was ur phone ? I just bought my in june 2021 month it was fine but few days after the latest update the wifi and hotspot got disabled..

  • I bought the phone in May 2021

  • I am also same problem wifi does not on and hotspot error, on date 03.08. 2021, I think this is Software issues, waiting for update software soon as possible, I am twitte the asus india, does not respond...

  • SKTSKT Level 1

    @Yamini can contact me on [email protected] need your help.

  • I also have problem where the phone would randomly freeze and the screen won't respond

    The only thing I can do just force it to hard reset but the problem will come again after a while

    I hope they fix this ASAP

    Their new firmware solve a bug but makes more bugs

  • I also facing the same issues..did the service center guys able to resolve or did they give any suggestions? They told to factory reset the phone..apart from data loss Nothin much happened..still having the issues

  • Nothing can fix this issue except a new software update that fixes this wifi bug. And the service center will not provide any help because there is nothing they can do. They've confirmed that they can't roll the software back to its previous version.. all they'll do is keep moving your phone to the Noida and Bangalore service centers. The resolution of all the issues we are facing can be given only by the DEVELOPERS of this software and no one else. And that can happen only if ASUS's dev team visits this forum and believes that there are a lot of people who are truly facing this issue of their new software update release. And I'm not quite sure that it is going to happen anytime soon.

    I have thoroughly read most of the issues on this forum and it looks like 9 out of every 10 users have a complain about the brand's software that whenever they release a new update to fix a buzz, the software ends up creating more bugs in the phone, let alone fix a previous one. All the phones of this brand have some or the other issue. I made a mistake of trusting the initial promotional videos of how great this gaming flagship phone is. But look at where we are now..

    In my view, this brand should be abandonned.. it is best to switch to a better brand which promises better customer experience and support atleast.. I'm never going to buy an ASUS product ever again.

  • I am too facing the same problem!! How senseless the update is!! We shouldn't be calling this phone smartphone from now on!! Buying this phone over oneplus9 has been on the biggest mistakes. Someone tell if there is a way to get this fix temporarily!!

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