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I want to know how to use/connect a keyboard and mouse on Asus ROG 5 ultimate?

What adapter is best for fps games specifically PUBG?

Is it safe to use it? My account won't get banned?

And the gaming control experience is as same as pc after successfully doing it?

And also please provide me the affordable required items names or model numbers for this to work.

Please mail me my answer I request that.

Mail: [email protected]

Thank you.


  • Hello,

    I can only answer the first question.

    Note: A forum allows everyone to read the questions but also the answers, it is completely inappropriate to ask for answers by email, it removes all the usefulness of the forums. The email address is therefore not necessary

    USB C to USB 3.0 5Gbps OTG Adapter Male Type C Cable to USB A Where 90 ° angled USB Type C OTG and Data cable to USB 3.0 Female

    more (example)

    Atolla Powered USB 3.0 Hub, 4 Port USB Hub Power Strip with Individual On / Off Switches - Power Adapter Included

    - Enabled developers option for enabled USB debugging

    - connection of the Otg cable to the rog 5 and to the hub, then keyboard mouse to the hub

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    Easiest way is buy asus professional dock..

    Since rog 5 is not compatible with desktop dock, then professional dock is the only one which is make keyboard n mouse compatible with game genie..

    Just plug ur keyboard n mouse to this dock, n map it on game genie..

    As simple as that, n no worry bout ban too..

  • but may not be the fastest, break with asus, ditto Amazon, ditto on many others for online sales.

    No physical store has it in France.

    I offered him this because it is the solution I am considering because I was already looking for the asus dock, compact in one piece and not more expensive, but you still have to find it.

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