Zenfone 6 - Will users get Android 12 ?

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Model Name: ZS630KL


@Anders_ASUS said about 6 months ago that we can ask in 6 months on Asus' decision with Zenfone 6 maybe getting android 12, so this is the thread i'm opening for. source post: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/44613/android-12-future-software-support

What is the current position with Asus, users on other forums are constantly asking and saying that it would be very desirable if zenfone 6 got Official Android 12 version.



  • I think there wont be android 12 for zenfone 6

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    It will definitely not get it, ZENFONE 7 + 8 takes precedence, that's why I end up with ASUS phones and will buy POCO F3 PRO, I had 3 models from ASUS, but I don't want to give that much money for ZENFONE

  • As ASUS follows promising policy of 2 major OS for Zenfones even with there latest Zenfone 8 series, so let me tell you that promise for Zenfone 6 is already delivered with Android 10 and later Android 11. & Now there is no chance that Zenfone 6 will get Android 12.

    From here Zenfone 6 will only get bug fixes and security patches on bi- monthly basis.


  • unfortunately, the mafia new software, new hardware, occurs with both Android and Windows, Android is even worse because it is somewhat difficult to have confidence in free distributions, in Windows you can still do some workarounds (I don't know if this is a translation correct for English), finally whoever wants an A12 buy a new smartphone, now it's hard to want to buy and not have it for purchase as is the case with the Zenfone 8 Flip in Brazil, so I believe Asus should make it available, because every year this delay happens. in a few days the Zenfone 9 will be released and the 8 will not arrive in Brazil.

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