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So after thinking quite some time I had to wonder, how is it that a guy like me with no prior knowledge how to compile a linux kernel or any C knowledge was able to fix the Rog3's worst issue within a week of work, while a team of hired developers cannot seem to fix this issue after over an entire year.

The new Android 11 was quite stable, snappy and clean as far as I can tell, hence I doubt it has anything to do with being competent, I'm quite sure the devs could fix this issue, however I suspect they aren't allowed to change the calibration due to licensing issues with pixelworks. I spoke with a mod about some audio related changes, but I got confirmed that due to licensing only dirac would be allowed to change anything. I suspect the same can be said for the display, hence this is my theory as to why nothing has happened even over after 1 year, also I doubt, that it will ever be fixed at this point, given that Android 11 was the next big release. It's a shame really because other than the display calibration issue, the Rog3 would have been the only recommendable Phone from the Rog Lineup it's a shame.

For those who are still not aware of what color banding is:

This is A11 stock, as can be seen, the colors are off and black pixalated areas appear all over darker areas.

Here is my A11 beta kernel with where the display is calibrated:

The colors are back and most importantly there is no weird grey pixalation anymore on the scene.

Another example:

This is A11 stock, weird black pixalation appearing all over the place, image is oddly greyed out and just terrible overall quality.

Here with my A11 beta kernel:

Last comparison to make the final point here:

A11 stock, pixalation all over the place, colors washed out, purple pixels now appearing all over the place once again.

My A11 Beta Kernel:

It's honestly dissapointing to see that there are obviously massive issues to fix a simple calibration issue. I think ASUS should stop hiring 3rd party companies to fk up something that would have been otherwise completely fine and now it seems they are in a situation where their hands are tied due to licensing issues. It seems the only way to have a proper Rog3 experience is to literally be a developer.


  • I am using android 11 TW version 133 any changes

  • The least the mods could do is explain the situation, it's much better rather than waiting with high hopes it will be fixed in the next major update.

    Well if you're open for donations to update the kernel for A11, do let me know. Should be your last update since it is unlikely we'll get A12. Happy to contribute

  • Its very likely that we will see android 12 on the rog3.

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    Then maybe we should raise the concern with pixelworks and educate them about what their developers are doing and what a non-coder can do regarding the colour banding.

    I was seriously waiting for Asus to come up with the fix, since one of the mod commented in Beta forum that "they're close to find the fix". They mentioned that they couldn't apply the fix which you've done in your kernel owing to certain issues (perhaps the licensing issue only).

    But since, their hands are tied to apply a simple fix, I most of the users will want to unlock their bootloader and apply the kernel. Only thing stopping me is that I'm scared that banking apps might not work on unlocked bootloader.

    Is it possible/advisable to unlock bootloader, apply the kernel and relock the bootloader? I don't mind flashing the updates manually.

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    But if I'm not wrong u didn't do real fix, u only copied oneplus software that Asus can't do.

    Beside this, yes it's a shame Asus didn't do any official announce about black crush, why there is this issue, if they are working to fix it etc... there is just rog phone 3 page saying the phone has perfect display xd and worse than worst, ROG PHONE 5 HAS THE SAME ISSUE LOL.

    I knew the issue but I bought the phone hoping for a fix that, at this point, will never come.

    And I will never root the phone or do all those strange things, I prefer having black crush than risking to have even worse issues by installing unofficial stuff

  • As I said it's a theory, for all we know ASUS might just not give a fk or they don't do it to make people purcahse the Rog5, but as you mentioned, it's sad to see the terrible state of the display.

    Banking apps only have issues on rooted devices, not unlocked bootloader devices. That being said you can still use root with banking apps no problem, I do so myself and you can easily use magiskhide to make the root undetectable.

    I didn't even release my A11 kernel yet. So far I'm working on some other things on the kernel but time isnt really something I have a lot of lately.

    It evolved into my own fix at this point. It goes far beyond what oneplus did in their kernel. Many people, including me have critized ASUS for their lack of transperency, users never know what is being worked on and how far things are, the entire secrecy from ASUS side only makes things much worse.

    As for your last statement, my kernel has way more optimizations and fixes than just the display, the phone runs much more smooth, lasts longer on battery, has way better performance in games as well, this is also the reason why people on my discord won't upgrade to Android 11, as they don't want to lose my Kernel.

    Here is a quote as an example:

    At this point it's safe to say, if you want the true potential of your phone, a custom kernel is a must. That being said, since my Kernel is closed source, the only real concern you should have is that I do not have any malicious intent, which is a valid argument to not want to install my kernel, that being said, there is an excellent kernel out there that is also open source, which is from Tbalden, it's the "Cleanslate" kernel for the Rog3, I would absolutely recommend it as it offers many nice features but retains being stock.

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    Genshin had an update recently which changed graphics cap on mobile version. It was on version 1.6 where the cap to resolution was changed. So if anyone complains of low fps at high graphics with everything maxed, they are bound to get low fps, be it any device after 1.6 update.

  • So they increased the resolution for androids and iOS? All I remember was the iPad throttling due to high resolution

    Does our phone have 1080p on genshin then?

  • To my knowledge the resolution has only changed on IOS and only if the game detects an Ipad.

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    It's correct that ipad was changed from 720 to 1600, but there were many changes for android as well, even though capped at 720p, on highest viewing distance and every other setting maxed out, fps drops to lower 30s. Just imagine what the scenario is on spiral abyss. Without recording the game is playable at 40 fps during battles and 55+ on stand still( no character movement). Not sure if it was just my device on A11 beta. Before 1.6 I was nearing 50fps during hardcore battles.

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    Couldn't attach earlier.

  • They havent touched drawing distance at all. Also i have still the same fps as before with A11 my kernel. Basicially stuck at 60 with minor drops due to load in of map and some drops to high 40s with a ton of action happening on screen.

    I dont know the cause on A11, i havent tested stock, all i know is all who updated to a11 from a10 with my kernel reported far worse performance particularly in genshin. Make of that what you will.

    Stock android 10 performed slightly worse than a11. Maybe in your case lags are caused by shader cache issues.

  • This is your movement in front of the gate:

    This is mine, up 2 date, literally made the screenshot couple of minutes ago:

    I think you understand that I'm not bsing you.

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