No 5g option on ROG 5 very strange ...

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Model Name: Rog 5

Firmware Version: 17.0240.2105.90

Rooted or not: No

Frequency of Occurrence:

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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I can`t find 5g option on my phone. It is very strange.

Have try to serach new firmware but it seems to be the update firmware now. Please help me to fix it.



  • No body knows aboutnthis issue??

  • Hello no body answer ??

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    Model Name: Rog 5 ??????

    17.0240.2105.90 NOT In ROG PHONE 5, it's a firmawre for rog phone 2

  • Sorry this is the firmware

  • Trying to check update but no update until now. Have ask the call centre and said it is still locked but why no option 5g in the setting.

  • New update firwmare , re check system

    this latest firmware supports new operators for 5G

    you may have to manually activate 5G from your account if it was subscribed before 5G as I had to do for mine

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    Not having 5G option shouldn't be strange because ASUS honestly needs to step up their game when it comes to making their phones fully compatible with the carriers in regions they are selling their devices.

    ASUS should be prioritizing network compatibility in regions they are selling their phones. VoLTE, lack of network bands, and 5G compatibility with carriers needs to be addressed.

    Consider voting and commenting in this thread so that ASUS may recognize it as a problem:

  • Hello,

    Objectively, should taking 5G into account be a priority in 2021, the answer is what should be prioritized for operators who have really deployed 5G in their countries, but even in this case, the coverage is still very broad. insufficient and smartphones spend their time looking for 5G by devouring batteries to finally use 4G / 4G +

    US example: all operators except T-Mobile

    Is it necessary to take into account 5G for operators other than T-Mobile? If the others offer 5G, it is deception and obvious theft.

    Voila, look at your country and who really offer 5G, there yes, you can insist and demand 5G from the manufacturer of your smartphone.

    Escuser my English, French translated with Google :(

    You need to stay a bit longer before you can post any links.

    I can not post a link yet, I put in picture, sorry

  • Have manually update the firmware but the 5g option still not exist.

  • I just want to have an option to choose 5g. But there is no 5g option in my phone right now.

  • Hallo no suggestion yet.

  • Hello,

    You do not seem to understand, for the 5G switch to be present, your operator AND your package must be in 5G, you have not mentioned either, without these basic indications it is impossible to go further away.

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    You are at the limit of the consumption of data which is configured on 2GB, with us, some operators deactivate 5G when consumption reaches the limit of the 5G package and forces 4G or 3G or even lower.

    How much 5G data do you have in your plan?

  • Erwin Kintil yulius chibai your operator must support 5g to make 5g option appear at your phone

    If your operator not support it then it's option won't appear at your phone

  • Well how does that work. I have the 5 g option on my zenfone 7 but my carrier doesn't support 5 g I leave the 5 g toggle on , forever hopeful, ??? But I never get 5 g because ALDI prepaid don't support it !

    So is it different for zenfone users or what?

  • Yeah it's different

    In his country only 1 provider support at capital city and it's still beta testing

    If he go to capital city area which support 5g then that option will appear

    Let him try it

    Salam Kintil

  • Hi Kintil, my operator have 5g for sure. I use my card on samsung and oppo the 5g is working well. On my phone the 5g is not working because no 5g option on my phone thouh I am in 5g area on my city . Do you understand.

  • Yes very strange. My provider Telkomsel do not ask their card to switch to enjoy 5g. And I live in kelapa gading and convinced the 5g is working here. I try to use oppo or samsung 5g and it is always have 5g option even I left the city. So confusing and strange using the 5g phone without 5g option.

  • Hi tenglang chibai penikmat kintil

    What operator do you use and what is your city

  • Hello,

    Thank you for giving the information, it greatly simplifies the diagnosis

    Telkomsel uses 5G 2300 N40 band, your Rog phone 5 version is wrong and does not support it

    There are 8 versions (A-H) of 5G frequency band for the Rog5, only versions A and D are N40 compatible

    - Here is the data from the Asus France site (These data do not exist on ASUS US !!!!!)

    A version and D version are identical:

    5G (Bands N1, N2, N3, N5, N7, N8, N12, N20, N25, N28, N38, N40, N41, N66, N71, N77, N78, N79)

    ASUS US - There is nothing else to say !!!!!

    Network Standard

    ASUS phone 5G / 4G band compatibility varies by region, please check compatibility with local carriers.

    EN-DC supports (6DL + FR1, 2FR1)

    "5G (Bands N1, N2, N3, N5, N7, N8, N12, N20, N25, N28, N38, N41, N66, N71, N77, N78, N79)

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