Remove camera from lockscreen

countrykillencountrykillen Level 1
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Hi there.

Is there any whay to remove the access to the camera from the lockscreen on ZenFone 8?

(I do not want anybody to be able to take pictures without unlocking the phone.)



  • Actually Asus should include this option to allow user to remove the camera icon option and customize it with something else.

    Other manufacturer like samsung allows it but Zenfone series doesn't have it.

    They don't provide the option to remove that icon which you are talking about as far as I know

  • rejettorejetto Level 1

    i would love to have the torch instead.

    I already open camera with smart key.

  • troubled1troubled1 Level 1

    I agree that it would be a nice feature to make the camera on the lockscreen optional.

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