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  • Completely agree with that. Just scrap 11, seems to be nothing but headaches for the devs and us users waiting around and do bi monthly security updates and work on 12 now. And hopefully we'll see a stable release before 2022

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    Development for ROG3 currently has 0 developers allocated, so don't expect to see updates as all are working on other stuff. The first ROG device in queue for development is ROG5, they try to get it to A12 inside Q1 of 2023. But even that is low priority as Zenfone takes precedence over ROG...and once a new model in the series is announced, nobody cares about last year's model in terms of development. Long story short, if updates is what you care about, don't ever get a ROG phone.

  • Looking at the state of the rog5 I would think this is false. It seems they focus more on the Rog3 rather than Rog5 at this moment. The rog5 is an absolute bug fiesta. Have you been in the subforum for the Rog5? Take a look there, it's a disaster

  • Think ROG 3 will get the Android 11 next year only, Android 12 not even in the list. #Frustrated

  • Yea they should scrap A11 release and focus on A12 ASAP (at least Next year we will get A12 installed in our devices)😜

  • You want Android 11. But the Rog 5. You want Android 12 wait for them to release Rog 6😁

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    Haha, that's true ... I see ppl saying buy pixel if u want software updates fast.. i want Asus to do it fast too, u think gamers want to buy pixel phones .. rarely but they want raw performance. But * it doesn't mean we don't want software to its new release, sales of rog phone weren't anywhere low as they used to be, there's this much rog phone base. The software part of asus rog phone division is not able to keep up. 2 cases

    1) Not enough allocation of resources for software dev( resources include man and machine)(man including all testing, development,bug resolve and all)

    2) lethargic Dev's in software division( i don't want to believe this though may be true to some extent)

    never say if u want software go for pixel, this is asus rog base , don't advertise them, Dev's will just ignore rog phone dev (just kidding)

    Main base is gamers, so ppl will be happy for bug fixes than new software.. I agree to this. but not when the competition is already beta testing another gen android 😂.

    * I will read all the opinions *

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    In contrast to what you are saying, Asus could be waiting for other manufacturers to update their devices to the latest Android and see how much issues would occur for the ROG series.

    Zenfones seem to be ok with their updates and getting them pretty quickly.

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    Adding to the points, we have already become fools by believing and buying this phone which has so many issues in display and lacks basic features like vo wifi etc.

    Now again we are becoming fools by expecting they will give and 11 updates.

    We only get general answers from mods as coming soon final stage etc but no-one has any proper information about release.

    They are not able to give even a roadmap. Noone will sue them or fight with them of the roadmap is not adhered with, but still no roadmap or confirmation about anything.

    Feel mods here are only good at telling very soon, visit service center and closing threads.

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    If you're not on the BETA forums, then you won't know what problems are outstanding or how critical they are.

    I'm sure people are expecting a stable release of A11 and not a buggy one. But anyway, there will always be one bad apple in the basket.

    Waiting doesn't hurt and yes, the forum moderators here won't be as close to the technical details let say the devs. If moderators cannot help, of course they will need to ask you to go to the service centre. Closing threads is what and the whole point moderators where topics go off topic or become abusive/aggressive nature.

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    Buddy, first of all get your facts right and don’t speak generally. All the closed threads should have either a solution or abusive content then but that’s not the fact.

    Also why should I be the beta forum or beta tester to get the latest update and bug fixes already present.

    You can be generous and have patience to wait for months or years to get the update but we others wants updates as quickly as possible like all other companies are providing.

    Regarding stable update - hope whenever they release the update it won’t have many issues and will provide fixes to display issues. As even after taking months to provide updates if it has issues I donno what to say.

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    well you have to have testing period before rolling out right? The best testers are end-user/consumers thus Betas would always get the new stuff.

    testing, complain. No testing and push out update, get new bugs, complain.

    sucks to be a programmer huh

  • let me get this straight, you don't want bugs, but you want the beta updates.

    Brainac detected.

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    I want stable update as soon as possible along with bug fixes like display issues, vowifi etc which has been pending from long.

    I have never told that I want beta update if u can see it properly.

    If u want it support ASUS with beta you are most welcome.

    My only question is when other companies can give bug fixes, updates and new features on time why can’t ASUS provide it.? At least a timeline.

    Hopefully you have understood it better now.

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    Crying like a spoiled child will not make them release it any faster. They'll release a stable update once the bugs have been worked out and they figure it's safe for most users.

    While I do agree that ASUS needs better communication in regards to updates (as well as more resources allocated to updates), thread after thread about the same thing doesn't fix anything. It just creates more work for the forum mods (who are not the developers, but I imagine they have a way of passing on feedback to the devs).

    Plus, as it stands, the phone is already great in terms of performance. Runs apps/games great, almost no crashes, etc. Android 11 doesn't even really change all that much. The only thing I can really hope for is that they fix the color banding issue (as has been suggested they might have a fix for the stable release).

    ... And if they don't, I can just unlock my phone and install Danishblunt's custom kernel that does fix the screen issues.

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    How funny - asking for updates and bug fixes is crying like a child.

    And as usual advice - do this do that but don't ask for fixes or updates.

  • And how do you suppose do you get a stable release without a beta version first? 🤡

  • What phone did you have before rog 3? Because I had a mi9tpro and running EU.miui android 11 beta that was legitimately stable for everyday use in November... And they've released a stable since.

    And we all are sitting here still waiting for stable rogui 9 months later

    Asus is a joke idk why you're defending them

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    Joining beta or not is at the will and wish if a user. Do you mean that if I don’t join a beta program I can’t ask for a stable update or bug fixes?? 😂😂😂

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