Screen flicker still occurs while using Chrome

GabeGabe Level 1
edited September 2021 in ROG Phone 2

Using ROG Phone 2 8gb/128 (ASUS_I001DD)

Firmware 17.0240.2105.90 (non rooted, all original)

Chrome 91.0.4472.120

Always happens when there's a small video window running while scrolling through a website (normally those video ads).

The entire screen flickers a little depending on the colors shown on the website and on the video, like if the device seem to be trying to auto calibrate the screen to the right setting but just can't and keep trying, changing between different screen contrast and maybe other auto settings.

It's not a new problem. Plagues my device since I bought it (last year), but the latest update said this would be fixed while using 120hz and so far it's not.

The "Splendid" video calibration is set to "cinematic". I can't say for sure, but seems to be linked to this splendid thing.

Thanks in advance and I hope Asus can take a look into it.


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