Android 10 Stable Update Regarding

Asus Team I am not got any update from past 6 months on my Asus Max Pro M1 device, I am still using Android 10 AOSP Version and I am facing some issue like -

1. app crashes

2. sound is not good and cracking many time during whatsapp call and normal call and ear piece sound is not loud as Android 9 version.

3.and when I am using Google meet app for meeting so my voice is transferred very slow to others persons... this type of issue not happen with Android 9 version, so fixed it.

4. Display brightness issue is also occur in sunlight situation, display is not bright and vibrant as Android 9 version, so fixed this issue also!!

conclusion- finally please release Android 10 stable update by fota on ours devices please I am requesting to you...


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