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In Game Genie Settings there is an option "Navigation Lock" (it is translated from Italian, I don't know exactly in English how it is called, but it is the setting just below the temperature unit setting), in which the first two toggles for disabling gesture navigation and disabling navigation bar are enabled and grayed, so they can not be disabled.

Why are they locked? How can I disable them? In particular, I would like that when in a specific game (or in all games is fine anyway) I would like to keep active the navigation bar, is it possible?


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    When enabling Navigation Blocking, it will automatically block Gesture navigations or the Nav bar - as that is its purpose.

    If you dont enable navigation blocking - then the navigation bar is active and can be slided inwards.

    Games which are immersive will cover the full screen - and the navbar will be slided in from the right side (if power button is the "top" side).

    Another way to do it is to remove the game from "game genie" which can be done in Settings -> Advanced -> Game Genie.

    Find the option "Game Tool bar". Press the text (left portion) - and not the toggle.

    In there you can select which games Game Genie should be active for - for inactive games, game genie (and its features) wont be there

  • Where is the Navigation Blocking option? The one inside the game genie panel is disabled in my case.

    Anyway, I tried to remove the game from the game genie list, but the navigation bar is still hidden, I have to swipe up from the bottom to show the bar and then again to exit the game. I would like to do that with only one swipe.

    Maybe is because the game is full screen, so probably is not possible to do what I'm asking...

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    Yes, your game is fullscreen. It will cover the navigation bar. (Like netflix, youtube, etc)

    So you swipe in to show it.

    Press again to action.

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