XMODE performance issues

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Even in XMode Gaming tuning level 2 cpu perform at 1.56Ghz max.

There is absolute no difference in performance with or without xmode on if setting scenario profile.

Then what is Xmode for?


  • Hi Karan,

    Let me know the Software version of your phone and also the Game you are trying to play.

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

    I have tested my ROG Phone 5 with level 2 on COD Mobile and the CPU usage goes beyond 2Ghz and doesn't stick to 1.56Ghz as you mentioned.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am playing pubg mobile where facing the issue.

    Game tuning level 2 -> 1.42Ghz

    Hardcore tuning -> 1.56Ghz

  • Same for me it's not stable like the rog 3 post of the time at 1.56

  • Same here. I am having stopping issue in my game. Fps from 60, then suddenly goes to 1 fps and back to 60 again.

    Starting to lose my faith in this phone. Si much issue o. Its furst few months of release. How much more when 1 year would come

  • Same here..........

  • Unfortunately I also confirm

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