VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8



  • Any updates on Lithuanian carriers or is too small of a market for Asus to bother?

  • If they're willing to take your money for their phones the least they should do is ensure the best possible service to the customers and that should include Wifi Calling and VoLTE....

  • Patiently waiting for enrolling an update to enable the VoLTE & WifiCall in SAUDI ARABIA. It's the largest phone's market for Asus in the Middle east with considering to the ROG series.

    Most manufacturers such as "Samsung, xiaomi, sony, Oneplus ...etc" have supported these features out of the box. No need for waiting update.

    Unfortunately, Asus don't be committed to support Wificall & VoLTE since the lunch of the ROG and Zenfone series. It's purely Asus' fault. All operators in Saudi Arabia are well-known Telecom companies and they set all regulations in order to be an access for any company who interested to support these features.

    I have already reached the Asus's support team in middle east and they directed me to submit my request here.

    Your consideration and support are highly appreciated.

  • My question was not answered last time, so I would like to kindly ask it again:

    What is the status of the validation of VoLTE for Telenor Hungary? Thanks

  • Any updates on Orange PL? I was using LG G7 for one day and after switch back to Zenfone my ears are bleeding :(

  • steve02steve02 Level 2

    @CH_ASUS Hi! Is VoLTE working on Austria's H3G "Drei" Network? If not, what is the status on this? Thank you!

  • WaSyLWaSyL Level 1

    Dear @CH_ASUS can we please get a comment on HD voice codecs (AMR-WB) on 3G connection not being negotiated? I saw lots of comments with concerns in this department. Vendor comment would be much appreciated.

  • Hi. Today Orange PL support confirmed that Zenfone 8 is still not allowed to use VoLTE & VoWiFi. @CH_ASUS is there any progress in validation process?



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    if it supported even HD Voice (AMR-WB) on 3G networks, it would be much much better. However reading comments on this forum or XDA shows it does not (for unknown reason).

    Come on ASUS, act. This software issue ruins perfect phone!

  • It is not a new problem. It was the same with 7/7 Pro. I sent back 7 Pro because of very bad call quality. My over 10 years old phones have much better call quality. I really liked 7 Pro, but I use a phone for calling mainly, so Asus is not good choice for me.

  • Is there also any news about Telia in Estonia? You already have Telia in Finland, Norway and Lithuania. Have you contacted Telia Estonia?

  • steve02steve02 Level 2

    Any infos about networks in Austria? Appreciate it!

  • What about A1 in Slovenia?

  • Dear Asus team,

    could you comment on:

    1) 3G HD / AMR-WB support as mentioned in here several times

    2) VoLTE support for Orange Slovakia (on a more selfish note)

    The phone ticks almost all the boxes for me...however it fails to deliver the most basic thing...a high quality phone call. I'm really surprised that we are even discussing this in 2021...

    Thank you

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    Hi ASUS devs

    I've written to Telenor Denmark about the issue - their (shortened) reply is as follows:

    "Thank you for your inquiry I have just now discussed the case with our mobile-support team, who verified that we have activated the ability to call through WiFi and VoLTE. Therefore, it seems like you will need to activate the function on your new phone ...."

    True - using the code #*#*3642623344*#*# - this has also worked previously on the device. However, after a reboot, the '4G Calling' function still needs to be reactivated and I want a permanent activation.

    So, can you say whether a solution is with ASUS or Telenor.DK ?

  • Zenfone 8 Flip's new ota

    8 might get it soon too with either a similar or a bit different changelog

  • Hmm, android security patch from may only... There is big fat red ! in security setting because of April's patch. I think Asus need to do more about that.

    Also 3G HD / AMR-WB support should be mandatory.

  • with these out-of-date security patches is a misunderstanding 🙄

    how is it possible that such a gigantic company has such a long delay with their introduction? it's unimaginable

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    News about enabling VoLTE for VIVACOM in Bulgaria?

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