Wifi disconnecting problem

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Hi i am having this issue since day 1 with Asus 6z is that wifi connection keeps disconnecting itself randomly and the culprit i think is dual band wifi with same SSID. I have mi router pro and both bands have same SSID and i think Asus 6z is unable to switch between them swiftly and make this problem. All other devices in my home also my previous phone did not have this problem.

I once reported this but i wasn't sure if it is my device or everybody facing the same issue so i keep using it as its is. But now its started to annoying me once i was making some online payment and in middle of payment gateway wifi disconnect and money deducted without redirecting to merchant. A week back i was trying to post this problem here on this forum but when i clicked post the wifi disconnect and it did not posted and everything i wrote got clear so i didn't post it back then also.

I cannot record this on video as it is random (i just checked while writing this it disconnects again and connect itself after 5-10 seconds) when disconnection happens i have to manually connect it or wait for atleast 5-15 seconds to connect automatically.

BTW i already tried reset network from settings


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