Since the latest update 18.0840.2104.56, the CPU clock frequency drops Pubg Lag issue Please Help Me

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  3. Rooted or not:
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  • Lord_MessiLord_Messi Level 3
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    Try to download patch 18.0840.2104.57 manually from asus website

    I hope it will solve your problem


  • Hi gopinath11212,

    Are you referring to BGMI as it is specific to India + servers. Can you show a screen recording for this issue. Please also share the settings you are using for the game.

  • krnapjkrnapj Level 2

    Donot focus on the clock speed , after turning the gaming tuning and hardcore tuning to max from the armory crate,I get stable 60 fps on rog 5 n also stable 90 fps with config file .only the issue of ghost touch remains for me

  • Its not just pubg! Wild Rift always <120 fps and fluctuate like cheap crap, Genshin still fluctuate, at least no throttle. Hate unstable fps everywhere. Asus claim its "Gaming Phone" but its just ordinary phone with bad software and design. Look at chinese gaming phones, proper cooling solutions whick works far better than asus scam devices, cheaper and better perfomance! Im done with asus, first phone from them and such a mistake.

  • krnapjkrnapj Level 2

    I agree , performance in genshin is not stable at all , temperature rises rapidly n the clock speed drops then fps drops and the aero active cooler is a scam just a waste of money , doesn't change the temperature.also my first asus phone , will never buy it again , got carried away with the advertisements.

  • rStarrStar Level 2
    edited July 2021

    Can you share the link!

    or verify its the same I'm looking for-

  • M8ne too. Randomly stops for a millisecond. Ive done all the troubleshooting i could do. Reinstall codm, factory reset the phone. Limit the apps and etc. Still the same.

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