Bug when you switch from 60 or 120 top 90 hz in a dark mode,

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I have noticed that when you switch from to 90 from 120 or 60, and you are in a dark zone, the grey change. I have spoken with six people with Zenfone 8 and they confirmed this bug. I put this picture in order to try this bug. It Is important low light and the brithness of smartphone must be low too.


  • This is not a bug. Different refresh rates will have slightly different gamma tables and you will notice a small change in tint when toggling between values, especially if the UI is mostly grey.

  • Ok, but i have a oneplus 8 pro e when i switch from 60 to 120 hz the color don' t change.

  • You're noticing the difference between 60 and 90hz and between 90 and 120hz. If we wouldn't offer 90Hz, then you wouldn't notice a big enough difference to create this thread. We were aware that we couldn't get 90Hz to look as good as 60 and 120hz before we started selling Zenfone 8 but decided to offer this possibility anyway contrary to what other manufacturers have done with phones that offers a 120hz AMOLED.

    Would you rather have us remove 90Hz?

  • Assolutamente no è comodissimo così, però era per capire come mai cambia tonalità quando passa a 90 hz.

  • What did you conveyed here?

    could you translate in English

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    Alright, so I have managed to take a long exposure picture of a similar issue. (A lot of other people on XDA mentionned the same thing) It only happens with 60 and 120Hz modes, 90Hz is flawless. I have noticed that the effect is less pronounced in the 60Hz mode but it is still present. The picture is a bit exagerrated but it was the only way to show the effect visibly (it is also not purple but grey).

    (this picture is with the more obvious 120Hz setting)

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