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after 2 factory reset's since i got this device, and a visit to the repair center, im starting to get annoyed by the experience of the software/hardware on this device. all i wanted was a phone that is fast with good camera good battery life and a headphone jack with good sound/DAC. on paper the ZP8 should deliver. in practice all i got is a brick oven. the thing gets HOT. heat is not a good sign for efficiency. i come from 2 OnePlus devices, an iphone 12 mini and i don't remember those units getting this hot this fast while moderately using them. im talking about just opening the camera app on video mode without recording,, the freaking device gets up to 50+ deg (soc)! and the heat is noticeable at the top of the device where the soc is located. try and make a phone call after that! also, ghost touches in pocket, fingerprint is absolutely not working properly. today after the firmware update the phone just crashed and rebooted randomly. screen doesn't wake up after i remove the phone away from my ear to end a call, i have to turn the screen on by pressing the power button, and many more bugs that may or may not been mentioned in this forum. i don't know if its an asus thing or android thing but its getting me frustrated. im going back to ios, please dont try and stop me... I'll be fine untill android 12... maybe...


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    You absolutely have a faulty device. Request an exchange. Happens with every brand. Make a choice that is good for You, be it iOS or else. The better is what You like better.

    (I don't have those issues, heat is a thing with highend processors, performance has its cost. Don't expect cool phones in the 888 family. I often say mine will be good hand warmer at winter.)

  • I really have to say I am pretty happy with the Zenfone 8 (coming from a pixel 3). Most of all I am glad that I see Asus trying to solve most of the problems that people seem to be complaining about, and tries to communicate with the users which is also very nice. It is not possible to catch all problems and issues before the release and I think this device is already better than 2 weeks ago when I bought it and it will keep getting better hopefully. It was the same story with my pixel 3. Bunch of problems on release, call problems, microphone problems, speakerphone problems, battery drain issues etc etc. As long as somebody is trying to fix (and making progress on) these issues, I am satisfied.

  • thank you for your reply. I've been giving it a couple of days of breaking in after last update, and i think that battery life is way much better than before, for me at least. for the finger print, i use swipe up to wake after trying all other options.

    i tried to recreate the problem with the proximity sensor, but in so obvious way the problem disappeared for some reason.

  • not the complete list of apps but 6 hours of you tube is too much!

  • Woow. Only WiFi? LTE or 3g?

  • mostly wifi with lte in the background system modes is on dynamic

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