Zenfone 8 launch in India

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When will be zenfone 8 launch launch in India??



  • I really loved the work asus has done with zenfone 8. It fits to the point for something that I seek on a flagship phone right now.

    One request though please try and bring zenfone 8 for a price point of under 40k in india... So that it's is very much affordable for people like me..

  • it should launch somewhere around in June this month.

    as per leaks its 20th June but with no whispers from Asus India end, I really doubt whether the launch date will be delayed or not.

  • Eagerly waiting for the launch !

  • Have to wait and see what ASUS has in their folds !😉 Really looking forward to grab one !!

  • I've merged the two similar threads related to Zenfone 8 and its launch in India. Thanks!

  • Trakin tech channel on YouTube said that it could be launched/announced in the next 2 weeks (his latest video)

    That channel hosts Asus India CEO every year so I think it's kinda credible

    We can only wait and watch

  • Yes actually the price is likely to fall within that range.

    Asus wouldn't put a competition for its Rog series.

    With some leaks the price could be aggressive for India ranging between 35k to 41k INR.

    Let's wait.

    They should start revealing something from now, as the competition is high and things have alreay been delayed.

  • Hey CH

    I am pretty sure who have an estimate date of launch for India region.

    So,kindly hint and provide some information for India launch.

    Request from all zenfone Fans and buyers

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    35 nah that's too low for the specs

    OnePlus 9r with 870 costs 40k,even Xiaomi's 888 phones cost 40k, Zenfone is a much more premium offering comparatively

    My estimate is around 40-42k for 6/128

    42-45k for 8/128

    And this figure is keeping Rog 5 50k (8/128) pricing as an benchmark

  • I think launch decisions depends on regional Asus teams tho 🤔

  • Forget about one plus that brand has a seperate value.

    Asus knows he can't compete if it comes at that value.

    Rog 5 itself is 49k.

    And in case of they do launch above 40k they wouldn't get the big figure sales

    Asus still haven't been able to achieve the brand value yet.

    Let's be reastic

    What premium are they offering without being unbiased(I like Asus)


    120hz amoled display

    Ip rating

    That's all

    Whatever leaks I have seen suggest that Asus will price it aggressively to gain momentum.

    But lets wait and see.

    Also remember as per news, the price of SD888 chip is falling because of the heating issue discovered and new next generation chipset to be unveiled shortly within July-August.

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    Um let's compare OnePlus 9 and Zenfone 8 then

    Zf8 pros over OP9:


    Headphone jack


    Speakers with Cirrus Logic amplifiers (quality is on par with Rog levels which is like the best among phones right now)

    E4 panel on Zenfone 8 vs E3 panel on OnePlus 9

    FM radio chip (this is very niche tho)

    Notification led (another small thing)

    Compact design and better ergonomics is another plus for zf

    In software segment Zenfone does much better with many features and no bloat/asus services

    Game genie, audiowizard, various performance profiles to use 888 properly and high performance mode,90hz option which OnePlus lacks etc

    For example oxygen os has some OnePlus crap pinned in settings (it's essentially their store which they promote)

    I'll even say Zenfone 8 has better cameras with better algorithm OnePlus even with Hasselblad partnership is meh and no ois on top of that Plus gcam development on asus is better (they're gcam friendly), OnePlus comparatively has locked much support in OOS 11

    One more thing is that OnePlus 9 just has 1 5g band at 50k(Rog 5 has 11-12 bands zf will probably have more too)

    All these things make Zenfone 8 much more vfm and a better phone over-all and the fact that it's European pricing is good a pricing around 45k for zf8 would be great

  • Everyone has there own perspective

    I never compared the device.

    You started putting up OP devices.

    I can't understand your obsession with comparing One Plus with Asus.

    We have and will have many other competitors having SD888 processors within price bracket of 35k to 40k.

    Any ways time will tell everything.

    It's nothing about who is guessing the price correct.

    As per the Industry standards and in India Asus always put up their device at aggresive price always.

    At last everything comes down to brand value, which Asus still haven't been able to achieve it.

    I would rather buy Rog 5 by putting up few more bucks and rather won't buy zenfone 8 at 45k

    For me camera even if it's okish is sufficient.

    Having said that people who need compact device would prefer it.

    Peace, take care

    God Bless and give us the strength for fighting the pandemic.

    No hard feelings bro.

  • Yeah Zenfone 5z/6 were priced well but 888 and ip68 will raise the pricing

    I listed the comparison cos you mentioned what "Zf 8 does better than Op9"

    I very much doubt that it'll be below 40k

    Mi11x with 888 is 40k,iqoo is around 37-38k, OnePlus 9 at 888 at 50k

    And yeah let's wait and see no point arguing

  • It's coming to India

    Zf8 has cleared Indian launch regulations too btw

  • Hahaha

    I know that and not only that support page of India and also Asus registration page has been listed with Asus 8z

    I am the one who is the keeping track of it and even it was me on 20th May who made a random search on google and leaked it first and informed Stufflistings.

    But apart from that I am just trying to get CH Asus spill the beans about India launch though he might be from a different region/country but they would definitely have a tentative idea of launch plan /month for India

    Anyways,I am getting tired of wait

    My lovely zenfone 5z is showing signs of Battery life degradation after usage of 3 yrs and 4 months and would give up soon.

    Hence I will wait till July or else would buy a different brand .Would be difficult decision for me to part ways with Asus and zenfone series.


    You could delete my replies on this post thread, as this is for photos only

    Love Asus

  • Seems like they are delaying indefinitely ! 😀

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    They have update the Name Asus 8Z everywhere in India Support page, in there FAQ documents and even the coming soon page html tags shows the name Asus 8Z.

    Asus is really late everytime in Launching there products in India.

    They would launch eventually but that would be too late and people will loose interest and would have bought and moved to other smartphone.

  • Zenfone 5z/6z both came in July

    So high probability for Zenfone 8 too launch in July too imo

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    Yes, July is the last month I would hold my breath and wait for.

    High probability for Asus India to announce more

    and launch Zenfone 8 series in India is between June 26th to July 9, 2021.

    In case if doesn't

    will go for S20FE 5G if it still sells at 37k price or might go for ROG 5(less chance)

    The only thing which is keeping me away for buying S20FE is that it lacks headphone jack slot.

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