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  1. Model Name:Rog 5
  2. Firmware Version:18.0840.2104.49
  3. Rooted or not:not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): System setting

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Hi, I just today bought my new rog 5 and I had previously used zenfone 5z and 6z and in both I had an option under display settings to change the system accent along with qs tiles and icons shape change..and I saw in reviewing videos of zenfone 8 that it is available on that phone as would be great if that feature is added to rog series as well...kindly take this feedback..waiting for seeing the feature in my rog 5


  • Our ROG Phones do not offer this option as as it would come in conflict with the theme. Simply put, the code behind it doesn't allow for it without bugs etc. So please use My Theme to give you your desired style

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    But zenfone 5z had both theme store and the above mentioned theme style as well no bugs was there...all the users will know how to if people want theme they will use theme and if people prefer the stock accent change they will use would be nice if the option is given as many prefer changing accent instead of changing whole theme

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    But we cannot change icon and qs tiles shapes and accent colors alone..theme changes whole ui and theme does not changes the qs and icon shapes! It only changes accent the option added would be much useful!

  • Is there any way to make it happen? Because I would love to change, at the very least, icon shapes and accent colors. I really don't like the rounded corners that is prevalent in Android these days, changing icon shape to square always got rid of that. At the very least is it possible to include a color picker to choose the accent color?

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    Same I don't like the circle icon and qs tiles shape...I loved the theme feature to change the accent color icon and qs tiles shape changer in my zenfone 6... It would be great if it comes to rog ui...after all many users asking for it.

  • @Anders_ASUS any thoughts on this? Going through for forums, other people are requesting this feature as well.

  • Well as mentioned by @Anders_ASUS, the Rog UI is a specialized UI specifically built for ROG Phones. There have been many customizations already done in it( Many more than a normal phone also have). So implementing what you have all mentioned can be done but it would be overburden on the custom ROM that is built for this phone and may lead to unwanted issues which we will then again be complaining about. So best is to keep it simple and if required use the theme store to its advantage. And I am sure it's just a few users who want this feature. For the rest, it doesn't matter. So let's just enjoy the beast as it is and focus on the bugs that can be fixed in the phone for a crisp experience.

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    Bro the features in rog ui is seperate from this customisation....they just need to add the code that is already available in zenui...yes theme store will conflict I agree but that is only if we use both theme store and this stock theming... people like us will have default zenui theme and will use this stock theme to change icon qs tile shape size and accent..people prefering theme store will use the theme store and leave this stock theming default...

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    I agree it will conflict but that is only if we use both stock themeing and theme store at same time....99% people buying the device like this knows how to use the people prefering theme store will leave this stock theme as default and people like us will keep default zenui theme and change accent color qs tile icon shape and size as per our preference....And not few users bro...many are asking for this stock themeing...only people using the theme store are few...

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    Yaa many people are requesting for this stock android theme option

  • Lets see what the mods have to say if thats the scenario. If it can be done by the devs or not.

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