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asus zenfone 6 camera cannot flip please make sure there is nothing obstructing


  • zenfone philip camera detects an obstacle in camera rotation and warn,I installed the latest updates and reset the phone to factory settings.I did everything that needs to be done and the problem persists.

  • Remove tempered glass and check again.

    Tempered glass are main culprit for Flip problem always.

    Even after removing tempered glass, if problem remains as it is than there is problem with stepper motor which will only be fixed by your nearest service centre.

    Note:- please dont forget to backup your important data before you submit your device to nearest service centre.


  • this warning does not give android 10, only android 11.I need equipment to lift temper glass and I don't have them.

  • if the problem is not solved i will come back to android 10

  • Did you change your tempered glass when u updated ur device to Android 11. Please make sure your tempered galss is not covering the proximity sensor. You can take tempered glass off with your hand with some force no equipment needed. Also this issue can be faced if you have dropped your device sometime ago or recently.

    This problem has nothing to do with Android 10/Android 11 it all depends on various other factors. Above mentioned are few of those. There are no other users complaining with similar issue those who have updated there Zenfone 6 to Android 11. So this clearly shows fimrware is more stable and worry free. Even if you downgrade issue will still be the same.

    To do some hardware testing you can do SIMMI test i. E.

    open calculator > type .12345+= > select single test option > choose your desired test related to front camera and check if flip works there (test gets pass/fail) > if test gets pass there than factory reset should help you. Ifnot try again after taking off tempered glass.

    And if even after removing tempered glass did not fix the problem than this is hardware damage you need to take your device to nearest service centre.


  • this problem only i have andorid 11 android 10 does not give this error.,not a bug with tempered glass.asus zenfone 6 630kl service not available from my country.the problem is hardware.the camera detects that something is blocking it when i turn it to take the selfie picture.

  • Polish the top of your screen to make sure there's no dirt collected by the screen protector. If that doesn't help, then please downgrade to A10 and try again. If it works, then upgrade to A11 and try again. If it stops working, then please let me know. I can send you a PM so you are able to contact me.

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