Battery Drain Issues

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 5 GLOBAL EDITION
  2. Firmware Version: ON Latest version
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): OS

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.





  • jutleysjutleys Level 1

    Join the club i have reported this as well huge Network standby drainage it needs attention ASAP.

  • KaksKaks Level 1

    I have too noticed this issue while playing with earpods battery drains like crazy.

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    Yep same here. Battery drain seems to be coming from "Android System", "Android OS" & Mobile network standby. These issues were present with Rog 2 but were fixed with a update.

    It doesn't make sense that whatever app I use, wether it's call of duty, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, YouTube etc, any app I use for however long, the biggest battery consumption is by those 3 system apps I've mentioned above. There's no doubt that those apps above also contribute to the excessive heat the phone gets. I believe the refresh rate is playing a role in this too, hence why I've asked the Devs to include a 90hz option

  • jutleysjutleys Level 1

    Yes I agree it's crazy how network drainage kills the phone.

  • Hi karthikraina4043,

    Thanks for reporting. I will look into this.

  • I have the same issue, screen time is taking way too much battery around 30-40%.

    Also it loses 10-12% over night which is annoying.

    Any solution?

  • Hi, we are waiting, any update on this issue, please?

  • Hi everyone,

    Whoever is facing the issue,

    please update the new version:

    Do let me know if you all are still facing the issue after the update.

  • Hi, I've updated to the latest software but this battery drain bug is still there. The only bug which was fixed is the call echo. Here are the list of bugs which I've created a thread for but no Dev has bothered to reply to, number 7 has been fixed with this update but still many more bugs. Here's the list:

    1. Battery drain either through Android OS, Android System, Mobile Network standby or all 3 simultaneously.

    2. Excessive Heat from the device even with normal usage. This can definitely be linked to the battery draining apps mentioned above so perhaps if those apps are fixed so will the heating issue.

    3. 5G & Volte not working for many users. This seems to be happening predominantly in the UK. Upon checking XDA forums, it's apparent that Volte does work in India, Asia & on some networks in America. However, volte does not work at all on any network in the UK. Same goes for 5g, haven't seen any luck in the UK myself even by trying different carriers and yes I've been in 5g hotspots. However, users in Indian, Asia and America seem to have 5g running perfectly.

    4. Standby battery drain due to Android OS, Android System & Mobile network signal or all 3 simultaneously. This again is linked to the first point stated above.

    5. Charging issue. Even with slow charging active, the phone still charge very fast as if hyper charge is on. The battery icon displays the hyper charge symbol so it's definitely a software bug.

    6. Screen refresh rate. Although the phone doesn't come with a 90hz option, it would be massively appreciated if this could be added (should be possible). This option of 90hz will no doubt be a boost for battery life aswel as phone temps. Also many users have requested this. It's definitely the sweet spot & perfectly balanced.

    7. Call issues. I along with other users have noticed an issue when on a call. Voice goes in and out, person on other end says they can't hear us for a brief period and voice goes in and out. Same when phone is on loudspeaker. This is now Fixed with the latest update.

    8. Ghost touch. This happens mainly when on Ultra Durable mode or with 60hz active. Self explanatory.

  • Hi Bro, I am on already latest version, still facing battery drain issue.

  • jutleysjutleys Level 1

    Same issue here too the update fixed nothing for battery draining well it don't mention anything was fixed in the change log for battery draining anyway. I really hope this battery draining issue gets fixed ASAP as it does effect the daily use of the phone dramatically when it drains battery for no apparent reason.

  • jutleysjutleys Level 1

    The update file is broken or not working download size is always 771mb when transferring to phone is gives a error message when trying to open the zip file its corrupt. The website says it should be 3.29GBytes so there's a chunk missing.

  • i have the same issues about battery draining and heating while using, so i wonder that any dev concern about that.

  • Regarding

    #1 I've asked you for a log but you never replied. Maybe I can get help from someone else

    #2 Could be you experience this either because the phone is better than most phones at moving the heat out from the phone or because of #1 as you say

    #3 We're constantly working on expanding our VoLTE support but you can't call this a bug

    #4 Same as #1

    #5 It's not a bug that the logo doesn't change but you have to be more specific. Please have a look at my reply to this thread and try again

    #6 This is not a bug. You're making a feature request. Most phones with Samsung panels doesn't offer 90Hz and there's a reason for this. But I will add +1 to this request

    #7 Fixed

    #8 I haven't seen this issue. Please help me find the thread so we can collect logs

  • I can see on your screenshot that there is no reception in your area? Why? This could lead to increased battery usage since you have two SIM where the phone will run antennas at maximum to get a signal.

  • Charged the phone till 94%, within 30 mins it dropped to 91% by playing music on earphones.

    And the estimated duration is of only 13 Hours? This seems pretty low for a 6000mAh battery.

  • The estimated duration might be showing wrong but the drainage that you mentioned,from what i can see in your screenshot seems to be normal.

    Which battery mode are you using? And what is your screen refresh rate?

  • When you charge above 80% the stats will be reset. So from 94 to 91% you used your screen for 21 minutes while listening to music over BT. How is this drain not normal? Here's a highly unscientific calculation for you but 21min divided with 3% = 7 minutes per 1%, which is 700 minutes for 100%. 700/60 = 11.5h SOT. The reality will ofc look entirely different, I'm just trying to make a point that the drain you see is normal

  • @Reaperzwolf The battery mode is- Dynamic and the Refresh rate is Auto.

    Got the point and thank you for the explanation @Anders_ASUS

    It's just that I was expecting huge battery life improvements over my previous phone (OP 6T) as ROG has a 6000mAh battery.

    Is approx 11.5 hrs of SOT average for Rog 5?

    Here is a follow-up SS of the previous screenshot. And as you can see Duo just chugs up the charge.

  • @Anders_ASUS


    I used AccuBattery to check the battery health status on my old phone (OP 6T) and Rog phone 5.

    Below are the screenshots, white SS is the ROG Phone 5 and Black is OP 6T.

    3rd party apps to check battery are discouraged I know, however, I think the gap here is too big to fall into the error category. If you have any suggestions for checking the battery capacity/health do let me know.

    The sample size for Rog phone 5 is only 3 which is low.

    1st charge cycle: 40- 100%

    2nd charge cycle: 76-95%

    3rd : 5-100%

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