ROG Phone 3 Hardware failures

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Hi, my ROG Phone 3 camera died after only 40 days!!!

I would like to know if anybody else experienced hardware problems with the ROG Phone 3.

I love ASUS products, bought PC parts, phones, screens, and it is the first time I experience an ASUS produt to break to fast.

Please share.


  • Died how? Try to give some more details and we'll try to troubleshoot from there. 🙂

  • Black screen when starting the camera app. (any other app behave the same too)

    After a few seconds, a pop-up says "Camera in use by another app".

    I tried to reboot, did not work.

    I tried to revoke access to the camera from ALL apps except camera app, did not work.

    I reset my phone, did not work. WOW!

    Any other idea?

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    By the way, Gustav, I'm not really looking for troubleshooting info. I'm pretty sure the camera is broken.

    I'm looking for other stories that would tell me if my idea to try to sell my ROG Phone 3 and buy a ROG Phone 5 is a good idea ;)

    (of course I will have it repaired first...)

  • Go into the Rog5 subforum u'll see why thats a bad idea. As for camera failure, that's extremely uncommon. Might be a software issue or indeed a hardware failure, you might just have very bad luck. RMA it asap and get a new unit.

  • Thanks @Danishblunt , I sent it to repair, and will stick with it when it comes back ;)

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