USB File Transfer / OTG Not Working/Recognized

ShahdannyShahdanny Level 1
edited July 2021 in ROG Phone 3

Asus Rog Phone 3

Non Root

Firmware : WW-17.0823.2104.147

fingerprint : WW_I003DD

Hi, before I'm using firmware WW_17.0822.2005.11 and all works fine. After doing manually update till the latest update, the usb file transfer is not recognize when plug in to laptop. The MTP option is grayed. Enabling usb debugging and i do usb setting on developer mode is nothing happen. OTG is not working too. I'm using bluetooth headphone too and now it's not working when i plug in :( doing factory reset still nothing change. Anyone experience this? Any solution?



  • @Shahdanny Sounds like you have a CN device that's been flashed by your reseller, based on the fact that you updated from 2005.11 to 2104.147 firmware. This is an unsupported configuration that can cause several different issues that are hard for us to troubleshoot. I recommend that you contact your reseller, as this is not a configuration we're selling.

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