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    I am unsure why the FOD experience is worse for some vs. others but we will keep looking at it. Thanks!

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    I've examined the situation and found that initial fingerprint settings must be performed at full darkness in the room and at minimum display brightness. Also the fingerprint area must be pressed harder instead of just touched.

    But still it's far away from what i think should be, compared to 1+8T where is just touch and go every single time.

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    I would also like to see some improvement on the fingerprint reader.

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    Hi all

    For those of you who experience consistent issues with FOD unlocking, and are also on the latest firmware (.50) - may I ask if you also have AOD enabled?


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    Hi. On my ZF8 AOD disabled all the time.

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    What I noticed is that the recognition only works if your finger is held at the same angle as you had when registering the fingerprints.

    Only slight deviations of lets say 10° will make it fail. One of the improvements should be possible there. I circumvented the problem by registering the same finger at different angles.

    Despite of that, I also noticed that the "hardness" of your pressing has an influence on the recognition.

    Last but not least, I'm not sure if the Battery Saving Option of "Reduce Touchscreen Sensitivity" has an influence on the recognition, but I just disabled it for the sake of testing. Lets see.

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    I can confirm that this does in fact improve situation. What I also noticed is that the accuracy seems to be influenced by the brightness of the area surrounding the fingerprint reader.

    For example, it's much better at the menu where you can check your fingerprints in the settings (where everything is pitch black) as compared to the grey if you try to unlock something.

    I assume that the light emmited by the display itself is interfering with the reader.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin

    For most cases where it's working "fine" , and in almost every occurance here, there is no need to "press hard" nor "keep exact same angle" but there seems to be for some users (as evident in comments here).

    For these specific cases mentioned , we'll keep at it. The issue isnt 100% which makes it rather difficult to debug if it is down to the actual finger or not.

  • The sensor recognises the finger 80%.But what is really annoying and I'm planning to return the phone is when I take the phone out of pocket it has some sort of emergency screen in front and says I have to many failed attempts. So basically it trys to unlock in the pocket

  • Timo VosTimo Vos Level 1

    First days of using this phone, I had terrible experience with the finger print sensor. Thought about returning it.

    However, I managed to register my thumb in a way that it succeeds in 90% of the cases. I registered my thumb three times in different light conditions.

    Apart from the finger print issues, the phone is great!

  • Strange. When setting up my fingerprint for the first time i got like 30 messages or so that screen needs to be cleaned or try to move finger to different position, i thought it will have problems. But despite these messages i kept angling my finger just 0.1% little by little around same spot on the finger. When finally setup was done i have never experienced unlock problems, it just reads my finger every time i touch the reader no matter circumstances.

  • skynetDEskynetDE Level 1

    I also wanted to put to the table that the accuracy depends on which finger you use.

    For example the thumb on my main hand - about 50% accuracy.

    For my other hand - almost 100%. Closely looking at my thumbs it seems that the rifts and pits are deeper on my left hand (as it is less used assumedly)

  • Timo VosTimo Vos Level 1

    Same here. If registered correctly, fingerprint works OK.

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    After update to the new firmware, I can't unlock the phone with my left thumb, while the right thumb (primary hand) works ok.

    I tried re-adding the prints, enabling and disabling the screen off / lift to show / tap to show options for the fingerprint reader, but no change.

    It works a bit better if I turn off the pocket mode.

    If i turn on the screen when I pick up the phone, it reads the (left) thumb correctly

  • I can also confirm, that since update I can also use the fingerprint reader!!! Thanks for the fix

  • After I would say it is worse. Before at least on second try I got t he phone unlocked. Now good if I ever get it unlocked, before do many attempts error. Pocket mode helped a lot with ghost touches in pocket. Still proximity sensor does not work correctly, many times I mute my calls with my ear turing a call.

  • Try turning off pocket mode and see if it actually maybe improves things.

    as for FP reader, each subsequent update has improved a different type of scenario on the fingerprint reader - it's really difficult to tell at this stage why you experience worse result, rather than better - each finger is different in a way.

    Does it help to remove fingerprints and rescan them? Are you perhaps also using a glass screen protector?

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    The pocket mode on is the only reason I have NOT returned it. Before that I considered it, because the phone was painful to use. Took out of pocket there was usually some sort of number typed in or some sort of Emergency form etc and of cores I had to type in some PIN because the fingerprint sensor had to many failed attempts. So the fingerprint sensor was useless end when something does not work that is an essential part of the unit then ....

    But back to the sensor.

    No class screen protector.

    So today it's better. I haven't done a rescan of my fingers so this variable is not changed. But what has changed is the sunlight. On the 10.06 I was outside no cloud in sight so very bright sunlight. Today and afterwards it has been more shaded or inside.

    To conclude, I would say the experience with the fingerprint sensor is the same. What condriputes also is the speed it reads the finger, which is a bit slow for my taste.

    Just made a test. Reading inside house was 10/10 (for future self, right hand thumb)

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