Pubg Performance dropped after updates

aratanshakyaaratanshakya Level 1
edited July 2021 in ROG Phone 5

Model Name: Rog 5


Rooted or not:not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: every time

APPName & APP Version -PUBGM,PUBGKr, Asphalt 8,9 and most of the games

The fps dropped to 33 from 60 while Playing pubg. Processor always remained to 1.56GHZ. If temperature rises above 38 C.

Average Cpu usage is 30-40% and Gpu usage is 10-25%

Xmode level 3 (with cooler) didn't do anything not a single percent performance gain.

Just because of the updates the phn lower its frequency if the temperatur goes 36C above

It runs with full frequency with 32C at 2.84ghz but fall to 1.56 with the rise in temperature

With hardcore tuning I was able to hold cpu at 2.04 Ghz at 39C but it fell to 1.79 as the temperature raise above 40


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