No missed calls notifiacation!!!!

davidok0608davidok0608 Level 1
edited July 2021 in ZenFone 8

please fix it asap! I dont receive any missed calls notification. The missed call doesnt even appear in the missed calls log.. Default dialer or google dialer - always the same problem! Restart didnt help. Thank you!


  • ...recent .50 update didnt help.

  • I found a workaround in case somebody experiences this as well: only after I disable VOLTE I can get missed call notifications! Great, I was happy I can have Volte when I heard about the bad quality of calls and now I have to decide Volte vs missed calls! :(

  • Is the VOLTE enabled by default or did you enable VOLTE by the workaround passed here and there in forums and on the internet?

  • I think I enabled it manually in mobile network settings but I don't remember. The same problem happens when I enable VoWifi. I get the icon in the status bar, even getting info that the call is via wifi when ringiing, but If I miss the call, "call ended" appears on the screen, but no notification afterwards/ in the call log it looks like the call was answered.

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