World Wide Launch?

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I wonder if there would be any announcement of the device availability, and in which markets with a time frame, like what other companies do when they announce their devices?.
Would like to buy a new handset, hanging on a thread for this one!. I'm in Saudi Arabia.


  • These guys are tracking some of the pre-ordering:
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    Gman said:
    These guys are tracking some of the pre-ordering:
    Thanks a lot, although they seem to be fixated on western countries only. Hopefully Asus will be kind enough to announce its wider global plans. The Asus representative in my country say they aren't sure about it, although they launched all previous models, but maybe they didn't meet much success.
  • For sure the phones haven't been selling well. The fact that ASUS chose a Europe first launch is really a first. Typically it has been Asia first, everyone else a distant second. If Europe is first, then it's a coin toss on how this goes from there. I foresee stocking issues regardless of where this goes next. I don't think they will have enough units and because of that, people should get whatever comes available even if that means some shipping charges. I'm a bit confused where ASUS is targeting this model to be honest. If they think the price point isn't Asia friendly then likely the release dates are going to reflect that.
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