Wait for availability or order overseas?

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Located in Canada, this phone is perfect for my use-case and I'm very tempted to order it on aliexpress or equivalent.. Any idea on north-american availability?

I know the global version is missing some 5G and 4G north-american bands, but if the wait is over a couple of months, I might as well just order it and not use the 5G


  • Should be sooner than 'a couple of months' but we have not announced a specific date just yet

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    I'm from Europe and bought my previous lg G8 on AliExpress from us att distribution, and honestly it was mistake. Phone didn't received any update as att locked updates only to us region and witch their sim cards. Warranty was only 1 year and it was dedicated AliExpress warranty, not producer. Anyway phone worked till month ago, when it just stopped switching from 4g to 3g during call so nobody can't call to me, and i had to wait about 10 sec to swap to 3g when calling. It's probably due to fail in communication with my service provider, maybe problem witch some bands.

    So i recommend to wait some time and get fully working and optimized phone than buying it from unofficial distribution.

  • Thanks for the heads-up, if it's most likely being pretty soon then I might as well wait

  • I don't disagree, it's most certainly safer and better to wait and order from the "official" regional seller. I've ordered a Xioami Mi Mix 3 on aliexpress a couple years ago and it's been working mostly fine so I didn't have to use or consider using the warranty, but it's a bit of a gamble... The only factor here is that I'm impatient and I've been waiting for a sub-6 inch flagship phone for a long time...

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