ZenBook-Pro-Duo-15-OLED-UX582 release date?

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Has there been an update on the new Zenbook Duo Pro 15" yet? All I have seen is April 2021. 😫😪 I need a new computer like yesterday but I have been waiting to get the new Zenbook Duo Pro. Are they doing pre-ordering?



  • hey there! I want the same information but from this model:

    Zenbook UX535 with Intel® Core™ i7-10870H Processor incorporated

    Model: UX535 with Intel® Core™ i7-10870H Processor incorporated

     Are they doing pre-ordering?

    Thank you.

  • I am in desperate need of a new laptop and I'm interested in the ZenBook Pro Duo UX 581. However, with the new UX582 coming out soon, I am hesitant on purchasing a UX 581 that will soon be obsolete. Can someone comment when the new model is expected to be released?

  • Aloha. I have heard 20 April 2021 as the release date for the Zenbook Pro Duo 15.6 OLED (ux582). Is this correct? I am interested in the i9 with 32 GB with 1 TB SSD storage. A few quick questions: 1) Can I request ASUS to upgrade to 2TB PCIe or even 4TB (would really want 8TB, but am concerned about performance drops and heat) and I absorb the price delta?; can I preorder from ASUS or an approved vendor? Thank you!

  • Aloha - sorry, I had a 3rd question: I have seen both Thuderbolt 3 and 4 advertised for the UX582 - will it be T4?

    Thank you again!

  • Is it possible to upgrade to 2 TB OR MORE

  • @dgarcia967 I have the 482 and with the upgrades from the previous model I would absolutely recommend to wait for the 582 if you are already interested in the 581. The amount of progress Asus is making with these designs I am very impressed. I am fairly sure it will be worth the wait! :)

  • Can it be that no one (in asus company) know the really release date? (Ux582)

    I have tried to contact about 10 times, never got a real and final date...

    There were hearings about april 20,

    But it seems There will be no more april 20.

  • I have the 482 and with the updates from the past model, I would totally prescribe to hang tight for the 582 on the off chance that you are now inspired by the 581. The measure of progress Asus is making with these plans I am exceptionally intrigued. I'm genuinely certain it will merit the pause! :) www.ditrc.com

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    So it would seem that no one from Asus actually visits this forum since none of the questions above have been answered. I am looking for the same info: When will the UX582 be released?

    I am specifically interested in the i9 (10th gen) 32 GB, 1TB (upgrade to 2 if possible) Win 10 Pro.

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    I too am very interested in the UX582 - I9, 32gb, 1TB.

    What's with ASUS in not providing updates on availability & pricing???!!!

    Very disappointing that ASUS is not providing information, and apparently not too interested in joining the conversation.

    When will the laptop of tomorrow become the laptop of today?

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    I check the ASUS Store every day and so far there is no UX582 available to purchase.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have my UX581 i9 machine from last year. I'm limping along on my underpowered backup computer. The minute the UX582 i9 is available, my order will be made!

  • I see that all the models of the UX482 are listed as "Out of stock".

    Does this mean that production is being held up because of parts availability? Is this what is also affecting the UX582?

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    i am thinking of getting a UX582 with i7-10870H or i9-10980HK. Are there any disadvantages of the i9 model compared to the i7? If the price difference is small, it is better to buy a model with the i9?

    Or maybe the i9 will be more warm?  

    Which in your opinion is better to buy?

  • My previous model was the UX581 i9. I used it for 2 years. It will be replaced by the current UX582 i9 model. The price difference between i7 and i9 is small and not a factor. The i9 is faster and more capable.

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    but UX582 i9 is 5-7% faster and heats up more....

  • Because I previously owned the UX581 i9 and never had a heat problem, I don't anticipate a heat problem with my new UX582. Consider that the new model has 36% better airflow cooling because of the tilting ScreenPad Plus.

    The UX852 i9 was in stock on Amazon.com USA this morning and my order has now been made!

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    I have an UX581 with an i7 and I know what thermal throttling is. The processor temperature reaches 100 C.

  • I've never noticed throttling. But then the most demanding app I run is DaVinci Resolve Studio. I don't play computer games.

  • I have to say the aerodynamics from the tilted panel on this design is absolutely not a gimmick. I've never seen anything like it in a laptop - you can crank it really hard and it stays super cool (with fans blowing) and then when you stop you see the temperatures drop so quickly. I'm fascinated to be honest.

    So if you say the 581 throttled from overheating I would expect quite a big difference on the 582 just because of the new cooling from the lifted panel

  • I should mention I am observing it on the ux482 and not 582 but the principle seems to be the same.

    Also I'm posting again instead of editing my comment because on this forum your posts go missing if you try to edit them

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