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    After all updates there still is no HD Voice. Im using Oneplus 7T and i have HD voice when i call to people but there is no hd voice when I call my girlfriends ("Kotek" in phonecall history below) Zenfone 8 :(

    When she had Xiaomi Mi8 there was always HD Voice.

    She changed phone from Xiaomi to Asus at 19 may and from this date there is no HD voice as you can see at screenshots.

  • Hello,

    Similar to tupatatapa's request, I'm also using "Vivacom" as mobile service provider in Bulgaria and want to request VoLTE option. Poor call quality made me return my Zenfone 8, as it failed to serve its primary purpose. However, I'm willing to reconsider and purchase it again if you manage to fix the issue soon.

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    I dont need volte etc. Please turn ON HD Voice because this phone dont use it :/

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    For me also without HD voice ( polish operators not support it for Asus brand) phone is useless. In my opinion the problem is that asus not start discussion with our operators to start support hd voice

  • yesterday this smartphone came to me; configuration, learning etc;

    this morning the first phone call and... the sound quality is a total drama, like on the phone from 10 years ago... worse than bad!!!

    on my old Oneplus 6 the voice of the interlocutor is realistic, as if standing next to you face to face and here it is a complete misunderstanding ...

    I do not believe that it is the fault of the loudspeaker because in the case of multimedia it sounds normally ... it must be the fault of the software or some codec


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    Sorry, i disagree.

    Very good in VoLTE, good/average in 3G for me.

  • the call quality on this phone is a total misunderstanding

    today I had my first phone call and I must admit that I did not expect it ... the quality of the caller's sound is tragic, it cannot be accepted!!!

    firmware 67

  • I don't have VoLTE

    in 3G it is unacceptable (no HD Voice)

  • VoLTE is supported by maybe 1% of operators. You can't say something work ok, if most people dont have an option to use it.

  • but I am not writing about VoLTE

    I am writing about an ordinary GSM connection, it is of terrible quality

    I still have an old Oneplus 6 (3 years old phone) and the call quality is completely different from this phone (without VoLTE)

    the comfort of calls can be compared as below:

    Oneplus 6 = Maybach

    Zenfone 8 = Volkswagen

    even a deaf person would notice the difference

  • 10 years ago all phones had better call speaker quality because it was the only purpose it had.

    But joke aside, none of the smartphones I tried had outstanding call quality lately. Z8 is no exception. I am satisfied when it is loud enough at least. On important calls I use a wired headset.

    Someone told me phones call sound is not processed like other audio, it comes directly from the modem, and quality depends highly on the network too. It is not like VoIP. Thus no mayor improvement possible, but please Asus, prove me wrong.

  • I endured a few days, enough torment, phone calls with this phone have nothing to do with pleasure, on the contrary, longer calls are tiring

    I packed the phone and prepared it for return

    it was my first Asus, and rather the last one, unfortunately the first impression is the most important ... it's a pity

  • I'm leaving a comment here to also complain about this issue. I am in the UAE so we don't have VoLTE or HD voice and my OnePlus 6 sounds so much better than my Zenfone 8 for regular voice calls. Speaker and earpiece sound the same. Everything else sounds great though, WhatsApp calls, voice notes, audio recording.

    please fix this ASAP. This might be a symptom of the audio wizard issues I have created a post for. They might be related. Please don't rely on audio wizard for audio processing. Use snapdragon sound instead.

    This phone is only a few steps away from perfect and it's all simple software fixes so please fix the software. If I knew how to code I'd do it for you for free. That's how much I want this phone to be good.

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    Guys, this is not about VoLTE. This is about another technology even Samsung S7 supported from day 1.

    How come Zenfone 8 in 21st century is not supporting AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband) and EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) codecs, they should work on 3G?

  • as for me it is no longer relevant, I returned the purchase and I do not intend to repeat this mistake anymore

    I just don't understand how you can release a flagship device with such very underdeveloped basic functionalities ... It's shameful

  • Voice quality is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's terrible.

  • It's terrible and seems that it won't be any better. Amr-wb won't be implemented so you can talk through ZF8 like on old Nokia 3310 😁

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    Why do you say that AMR-WB won't be implemented? Or did I miss your sarcasm? 🙂

  • It was sarcasm 😁

  • I use it with and the issue persists. call quality (4G - not VoLTE) is poor.

    Please address this issue, as the device is excellent and call quality is perhaps its only drawback.

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