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  • GreaveGreave Level 1
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    Hello, is anybody facing the problem with Slow charging? Today it suddenly stop working, I still see two lightning symbols next to battery icon and phone is charging very fast. I want to use Slow charging for longer battery life but I don't know why it stopped working. Until today it was charging slowly. The Slow charging option is still ON. (Ultra slow). Please help!

  • vhj1995vhj1995 Level 1

    Hi guys? does Rog Phone 5 has missing theme customisation?

  • I have issue about microphone.

    When Im screen recording PUBG Gameplay, Dont hear my voice, just hear internal sound only. Already turn on microphone audio but still didnt hear my voice. Im using wire headphone to screen record internal sound and microphone sound. Asus Rog phone 2 didt face this problem but Rog 5 have this problem. Somebody help me.

  • Rog 5 requires much optimization in battery department

  • volt729volt729 Level 1

    Hi Zentalk, Rog 5 Tencent user here. I had problem casting to TV while playing downloaded movies. Apps used: (Purchased) MX player, VLC player. 1st and 2nd downloaded movies will be fine, but next after that, it end up the movies doesnt played, only sounds. Casting dock is Asus professional dock. Installed latest google play movies and TV too. The worst part is playing movies from external Hard disk, that have 400 episodes of anime, it will stuck, end up playing only sound. I do not face any problem of this on rog 3 tencent. Any suggestions? Done restart, force restart nothing end well.

  • @volt729 That's a hard one to troubleshoot, but we can start with some quick questions:

    • What's the length of these movies
    • What format and encoding? (.x264, what bitrate, etc)
    • Is it always fine for the first 1-2 movies?
  • OrcbolgOrcbolg Level 1

    Any clues on how to Livestream using RoG5?

    Game genie still doesn't have the "live" feature right?


  • jaimonujaimonu Level 1

    I have been using the rog phone 5 for a week now. The phone is really great to use. Awesome gaming experience. Although I came across a tiny bit of disappointment in the call log interface. Where it only shows the contact name and the number of times it had been called..and does not show the log history. One more thing about adding folder. I am unable to create a new folder for similar apps apart from the two default folders. These are some tiny issues but would have been great if added in new updates.

  • volt729volt729 Level 1

    normal movies like 40 minutes not hours cause it was anime. Yes fine for 1 -2 episodes then you will experienced player delay with sound ahead. mp4 was the format.

  • KaksKaks Level 1

    I can see only 4 options for color cycle but in some videos I have seen more options. Can anyone tell how to enable that options ?

  • KaksKaks Level 1

    @karthikraina4043 battery issues are real. I don't know how youtubers are able to get a full day battery life . In reality I have to charge my phone once a day to get through. I can see most of the battery is wasted in Android system. This is due to system not optimised.

    I hope in future updates Asus see this as a problem.

  • @Kaks Wrong menu, you need to open "Advanced settings" and choose one of the triggers (screen on, X Mode, charging) and then edit from there.

  • My rog phone 5 have battery drain issues, it loses around 10-12% over night.

    And normally the screen on takes most of the battery.

    I'm kinda disappointed for a phone with 6000mah battery.

    Everything is on auto/dynamic, this is for normal usage, any solution?

  • volt729volt729 Level 1

    i had tried with another friends rog 5 Global. same thing happen. what have gone wrong?

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
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    Man and I thought I had a problem with the zenfone 7. I'm glad I got rid of my ROG 3 while it was still sellable. I feel for you guys PS I know you are talking about the ROG 5 but same series yeah?

  • KaksKaks Level 1

    @Gustav_ASUS Still unable to find the options in Advanced settings. Thanks for replying for the first time. I would appreciate if you can tell how to enable extra options for light synchronisation.

  • enriquestebin48enriquestebin48 Level 1
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    How to enable Haptic Audio in Rog 5. While playing COD Mobile I tried to turn it on from game genie but it shows use speaker or wired headset. Please help. After I disconnect my Galaxy watch Active 2, Haptic Audio is working fine.

    Software version- WW_18.0840.2104.47

  • Hey,

    When Asus rog 5 65w adapter will be released in india

  • 리안리안 Level 1
    edited June 2021

    I think volte must be mounted by default. This is a huge step towards becoming the best phone and a huge step forward.

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