Read before replacing PM81500 Chip " Restart Issue"



  • Pretty sure the rog2 uses the pm8150b chip. Just open your phone and look for yourself if you want to be 100% sure.

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    Okay, I get that you have better info and explaination, but that tone could have been better.

    @PhysiTech never suggested not to do "service repair". He just put out his observations and simply asked if someone can confirm that behaviour.

    Technically this answer is the perfect "accepted" one. But not the language.

    He had been polite to everyone bin thread and was taking part in "constructive" conversation, until this answer.

    I get that there is chaos on this forum regarding this issue, but you can discount some based on general population, not on social platforms atleast.

    Also sidenote: This workaround if verified to be effective, though not ideal, will help many of those who don't have service center accessible to lockdowns and travel logistics.

    Let's keep it civil guys @Danishblunt & @PhysiTech

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